The BMA come out on psychoactive drugs

The British Medical Association on 6th of October 2016 are lobbying parliament on the 'devastating' harm and the "absence of robust data" and long term research they are concerned about with psychoactive drugs.

"Prescribing of psychoactive drugs is a major clinical activity and a key therapeutic tool for influencing the health of patients. But often their use can lead to a patient becoming dependent or suffering withdrawal symptoms."

"It shows us that the 'lived experience' of patients using these medications is too often associated with devastating health and social harms." - The British Medical Association (BMA)

They have written an open letter to parliament on the 6th of October 2016 requesting a 24 hour national helpline for prescribed drug dependency as priority, much like the illicit drug helpline TALKTOFRANK

After spending 3 years working with different mental health organizations and medical science institutes. They have taken what I assume a rare stance by going public (in this manner). They are pleading with the government to implement 3 point recommendations, one of them being " 3. Robust Guidance on tapering and withdrawal management for psychoactive medications".

This is a unique, possibly once in a lifetime opportunity to back and get behind them. It should be welcomed and backed up with other letters to parliament and activist groups on mental health.

On the contrary the UN and or "World health organization" are circling like vultures around our policy makers at this crucial time. Arguing ideologically that there is not enough access to 'treatments' due to discrimination and stigmas, that are somehow blocking a human rights access to the drug trade, Unfounded treatments. Pushing far off circumstances, obscure laws and individual 'anecdotal' experiences, yet ostensibly pulling on the 'collective unconscious's' emotional heart strings; The religion of drugs. The new guidelines will be formed in 2017

This is a vital time.

Drugged up as a child; Stripped of my sexuality as a man

Drug Nation or Humanitarian?

UPDATE: The Council For Evidence Based Psychiatry have made a template anybody can use, as well as set up a parliamentary group.


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