TMS electrical brain stimulation - handheld social control device

'have you taken your electrical brain stimulation today?'

The new supposed 'wonder' device, that looks like an MP3 player currently. Could be used to quickly avert opposition. Got legitimate concerns at work? Desire to improve your life? Don't like being molested? TMS will pacify you instantly. TMS will sort you out instantly. Slaves don't complain. Slaves can't complain. Slaves are happy slaves.

It fits in your pocket today, does it fit inside your skull tomorrow? Pacemakers fit inside peoples bodies, keeping peoples hearts ticking along. The FDA are selling us this new wonder device. Supposedly yet again with 'amazing safety'. You mean like all the times before? All the fake trials. All the barbaric practices psychiatry has ever done? All the cruelty in the world described as 'treatment'. Coercion is the prime tool of this fake science.

If it does something it says today, what will it do tomorrow? Mental health is social control. It's just another tool.


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