Everyday PsychVictims Podcast Launched

A new podcast series has been launched to tell the secret voices of 'mental health' oppression and harm (that destroys real lives). On behalf and in collaboration with The EveryDay PsychVictims Project on Facebook and at psychvictims.com we have already started with 4 episodes. It is a work in progress, and we learn as we go along. But we didn't get, and we don't need to ask for 'help' from a silencer mafia media, owned by drug interests. So we will share our stories with the world ourselves!

If you are interested in sharing your story too, breaking the silence of psychiatric oppression please leave a message on the facebook page or here.

This is the anti mental health podcast.

Here is an episode with George, survivor of 15 times of electro-shock treatment under the scam of 'mental health'

George has survived electroshock from psychiatrists 15 times.

'mental health' ordered 1,627 non-consenting electro-shock 'treatment's in the UK in 2016.

100,000 estimated Electro-shock 'treatments' are carried out on United States Citizens in America in 1 year, that includes the Electroshock of children.

Join the human rights event in New York, Albany with The Mental Patients Liberation Alliance on the 14th-17th of July, 2017 at

The State Office of Mental Health building
44 Holland Avenue
New York Albany

From everyday survivors and victims living with the drug damages and the abuse and indoctrination of mental health.


Check the Vlog page for updates, Subscribe to the Youtube channel and save the podcast playlist. There is also an MP3 folder. Feel free to download, save and share.

It's time to be exposed 'mental health'! You have killed enough people.


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