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UK - London
Speak Out Against Psychiatry   - Protests/Public education events [yes] footage

Southern California Against Forced Treatment - Protests/Public education events [yes]

Eugene, Oregon base -
Mind Freedom International - Protests/Public education events [yes] - facebook

Occupy Psychiatry - Protests/Public education events [yes] footage

New York  - Annual Protest 14th-17th July 
Mental Patients Liberation Alliance - Protests/Public education events [yes] footage


Melbourne - Protest every Saturday @ front of Victorian State Library at 1pm
Initially NO  - Protests/Public education events [yes]

Political Action - Glenn Floyd and Teresa van Lieshout - Protests/Public education events [no]


Toronto base
The Worlds First First Anti-Psychiatry Scholarship!
"The Dr. Bonnie Burstow Scholarship in Antipsychiatry

May 13th World-wide protests against Forced Electrocution

International Collaboration Coordinated actions
CHRUSP Absolute Prohibition of Forced Treatment & Commitment Campaign - Protests/Public education events [no]

If there are any Anti-Psychiatry groups that meet not mentioned here, or you start one. Please comment below and I will add it!


  1. Australia, Victoria - protest front of Victorian State Library, with me, Initially NO, every Saturday 1pm. Also May 13th World-wide protests against Forced Electrocution under general anaesthetic. Initially NO is a survivor of 14 years of forced psychiatry. Her blog from 2012 to now is here:

    1. Bonnie Burstow & her 7 year battle to get the Antipsychiatry scholarship happening, would be good to mention. Because despite the attempts to shut it down, it is happening.

      And the CHRUSP Absolute Prohibition of Forced Treatment & Commitment Campaign.

  2. Elisabeth Friis Andersen22 March 2017 at 20:06

    You can add EUAPA, Europeans United Against Psychiatric Abuse. I want to start some Danish chapters, so definitely add
    EUAPA, Herning, Denmark
    Contact to contact

    I've been contacting MindFreedomInt to get a Danish chapter open, but they haven't responded yet, but that's definitely in the works too :)


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