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Ante's Story Of Chemical Castrations At The Mental Hospital

Ante, 24, from Croatia tells his story of Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction from antipsychotics administered at the mental hospital. And the other male patients that were chemically castrated alongside him.

My friends, I don't know even how to start my story. Sorry for my bad english. You are all here probably cause of depression, you took that terrible pill and end up with PSSD but my story is different, I got sexual dysfunction because of antipsychotics, risperidone. I was young healthy boy who played football and loved girls,only two important things in my life. And one day my hell started, I got twitches of muscles and eyelid, as time was passing my symptoms were even worse, my legs start to weaken and one day I almost collapsed. I google it and found that might I have multiple sclerosis or even ASL (Stephen Hawking) and I decided to took my own life to end fear and suffering. But I failed and my sister called police and they come to my home and forcefully drive away to mental hos…
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