Living with the distress of permanent medication damage

Every day I wake up in swollen pain, blurry eyes and numb genitals. It always reminds me of the time my UK government tried to kill me when I had to go through a surprise withdrawal of my medications that were supposed to help me. If I hadn't of deserved it my mum and dad would have been told they were addictive drugs when I was 9 years old. If There was anywhere that was safe the doctors would have told us these were addictive drugs when I was 9 years old.

Doctors often start out because they want to help people. That they can ease suffering and help a large underclass of poor people. In 1930's wartime Germany a chemical called Thalidomide was made for the Nazis. In the 1950's and 1960's western doctors had something to help pregnant mothers with. Causing more casualties, deaths and from-birth disabilities than Chernobyl, the nuclear disaster.

Of the Families directly affected, many are still alive despite how long ago it was and are still trying to fight just for financial compensation. Something that was even tested for on inmates in the concentration camps. Nazi medical doctor Otto Ambros just continued working for pharmaceutical companies Chemie Grunthal and Dow Chemicals no problems. Have doctors shown any vast moral responsibility for remorse and reform by practicing disciplined humane de-medicaliastion of human beings?

Benzodiazepines are given to unwitting psychiatric sufferers today in 2016 with no informed consent that they are addictive drugs. Mental patients already suffering mental trauma then find themselves having to also go through surprise cold turkey secret drug withdrawal attacks and permanent damages. Despite news programs like this one way back in the 80's on the true nature of these drugs that has seen the reality of benzo withdrawal centres. Doctors started dishing out these "medications" since the 1960's. The unremorseful vast majority of doctors still have the audacity to dismiss that these "medications" could have no permanent damages. The courts have often suggested otherwise.

Relevant human rights abuse messages circle around social medias with tyrannical kidnap reporting buttons on banned words beginning with S, D and H or otherwise interpreted expressions of speech. Enforced with dociling drug slavery:

social media user:
"Hats off to those of us in battle and to those who lost their life in it.
Fuck big pharma.
March on!
For Bill and the millions of others unnamed."

Is it Torture?

As far as the state social drug marketing cartel is concerned drug slavery saves lives...

Meanwhile back in 1930's Nazi Germany Medical doctors help mothers get over the guilt of psychiatric treatment that includes chemicals, steralizing and euthanasia for the diagnosed mentally ill. Maybe they could even convince the parents it could be genetic, with all the latest advancements in eugenics maybe you could even convince them to be treated too. Adverts started to circle around the nation. The governments top doctors estimated a whopping 1 in 4 undiagnosed mental disorders are being left untreated.

Meanwhile back in the wonderful England mental hygiene genocidal pharmacaust... The notorious Bethlem, the maudsley, home of psychiatry the governments top doctors in the 1990s and 2000s started the drugging of young children on the back of a chemical imbalance theory recommendation with genetic inheritances. This has since been disproved over the last 3 decades with none of many attempted studies backing it up, regardless prescriptions have only risen sharply year on year.

Many of these children (that survive) incur such severe brain damages from these neuro-toxins that they now have to live the rest of their lives with parkinsons disease. As well as having to endure chaotic withdrawals. You can find pages of parents that have uploaded videos of their children with what the manufactoring leaflets refer to as "tardive dyskenesia" on youtube:

"Children with tardive dyskenesia"

I was born with OCD and Tourrettes Syndrome but I wasn't born with numb genitals, crippling swollen pain 24/7 and a painful aversion to light. I am in a torture prison without my god given natural relationship with my body, I am the walking dead. I really do not know why I have kept going I just really want to live! My humanity has been raped away from me, my natural desires, emotions and my right for my psychiatrist to not to choose that I can not have sex at any time or place private forever till the day I truly die with numb genitals that feel like an elbow instead of a sexual organ now... Through all the physical 24/7 uncomfortable pain and swelling that is a particularly bitter pill to swallow for the rest of my life having been hooked on these drugs at 9 with lies by adults that should know far better and losing my primal identity still as a teenager.

I have a beautiful big numb dick but society felt I should be mentally hygienically cleansed. Differences, hardships, struggles or feeling hard done by might mean a lot to a lot of people but to me White, Black, Asian, Jews, rich, poor, young or old, I can never relate to another human being ever again. I am not human anymore. Now out in the community I have to live medication crippled on a large desolate popular heroin council estate with multiple Nazi swastikas carved into my home of flats (I am an unavoidably Jewish looking Jew) and whilst slightly additionally uncomfortable it is not nearly as uncomfortable as the damages I have to live my life with from trusted medical doctors.

The ironic additional discomfort of living with severe medication damages and nazi swastika carvings somebody carved outside my flats front door and stairwell. I am an unmistakenly Jewish looking Jew

Even all of the screwed and street drugged up people living around me never have to live with what I have to.

What I am Left With

  • extreme intestinal pain and swelling, causing imbalance and immobility: 24/7 (and I'm sporty, thats not me at all)
  • Eyes can't produce tears anymore, painful blurry eyes, Eye pain from light
  • lost my friends and my life, my future and young life
  • feels like im in pain dying everytime I wake up (reminds me of secret withdrawal hitman "medication" attempt on my life)
  • hijacked my capability to look after and provide for myself
  • complete prison secret humiliation for life on my sexual life and right to my sexuality that I did have.
  • my right to safety and freedom to be and exist at any place that can be mine

A walking Guantanamo Bay...

What was even more scary (apart from being blamed for having the courage to complain of extremely untalkable embarrassing adverse effects) is that none of any medical professionals makes any report of reported adverse effects. So am I the only one..? I thought not

Others with PSSD feel


  1. I wanted to share this with Heather, and anyone else who feels the same way... Here is just one more story but happened decades ago.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I urge people to check out that link and inform themselves. There are countless testimonies of 'mental health' drugs causing suicide now. completely at odds with the charity pharma sponsored narrative.

      You could also look at SSRIstories or many other places. I am sorry for an extremely overdue comment.

      It is important we tell every story as if it happened today, because it profoundly affects us today and it never should have. Our loved ones should be here getting on with their lives alongside us. There are certain things time doesn't heal.


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