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Elaine Riddick Sterilization Survivor Of The North Carolina Eugenics Program. Interviewed By Daryl Brown, Victim Of Chemical Castration From Psychiatric Drugs (PSSD) Is Eugenics Still Going On?

Elaine Riddick - Our guest tonight is survivor of the last eugenics campaign of the state of North Carolina eugenics program whose Fallopian tubes they cut when she was just a child Elaine Riddick. Elaine now founded and works for The Rebecca Project For Justice. Helping women across the world who are sterilized by the pharmaceutical drug Depo-Provera made by Pfizer under the guise of other health means. Elaine has appeared on ABC, CBS, Eugenics Survivors Justice Committees and Congress.The Rebecca Project For Justice When we use the term PSSD we mean the permanent sexual disfigurement from psychiatric drugs in the form of genital anesthesia and sexual dysfunction. Unbeknown to the mental patients the UK government carries out this scheme called 'chemical castration' on criminal pedophiles who unlike for them it is voluntary.Daryl Brown Sterilising the mentally ill (is not a side effect) Run Against Castration - My Marathon running campaign in support of the crowdfu…

Professor David Healy does podcast interview about Rxisk's PSSD cure crowdfunding campaign

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PSSD Interview On Survivor Activist JulieMadBlogger Radio Show

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