Other Campaigners

Psychiatric Abuse UK - A blog about psychiatric abuse in the UK.

PsychVictims.com - Join anonymously and share your harmful experiences of 'mental health' with other anonymous survivors from the mental health industrial-complex the world over.

GSK: Licence to Kill - Truthmans Blog

Run Against Castration - My sister campaign site running marathons to support the adverse effect charity Rxisk.org's fundraising campaign to raise awareness of Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction and the incentive to cure it. Please donate.

The Alleged Lunatics' Friend Society - A cross party left and right backed coalition first human rights organisation against the false imprisonment and abuse from the self-established arbiters of sanity industry, mental health. Formed in 1845.

DrNMblog - A fellow Prescribed Harm activist and psychiatrist.

Prescribed Harm - A campaign group to raise awareness of prescribed harm.

Dr Peter Gordon - An NHS Consultant Psychiatrist and Prescribed Harm activist campaigning for transparency in drug company funding of Key Opinion Leaders. Who himself is affected by antidepressant harm and addiction and is being bullied and shunned to be told to shut up by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Dr Peter Breggin - A senior Harvard trained Psychiatrist who has been campaigning against abuse and 'mental health' drugs and other cruel arbiters of sanity 'treatments' for a very long time.

The Pill That Steals Lives - A top long time industry documentary maker and journalist who discovered the abuse and disablement dead end of mental health help after initially experiencing the violence inducing effects of mental health medications. An excellent book and insight into mental health treatment.

A German (currently) campaigners information website about Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD)

Antidepressants and Sexual Dysfunction
A campaigners blog website about PSSD


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