What it's like to be kidnapped by the mental health acts

This is the typical farcicle "you are unwell" fascism that many citizens find themselves in.

David Compan
NHS Electrician
Protecting his A&E from closing

                              Part 1                                                            Part 2

In prison and locked away on drugs. 

Mental Health Awareness Or Drug Slavery

My padded cell 9 years old (2001)
collingham gardens

Conversation with mental health professional about conditions on mental health wards

Who Does This?

Psychopaths (Psychiatrists) personally detached individuals who don't know how to care and are trying to enforce their own misunderstood, unlearned need for security in the absence of attachment, parenting and love in their own childhoods. Given Powers by the state to apply false medical (The Council For Evidence Based Psychiatry) fascism by means of opinions on the legitimacy of variations of human behavior. Primarily targeting individuals for drug candidacy, opportunistically and predatory.

After being kidnapped to the mental tower very soon you have a fairly seriously looking grave "medical" disease out of a farcical built on interrogation and spying focused character assassination. Anything that could be taken as odd sounding (we write everything down (interpretively)) and anything you do say under torture confinement on neurotoxic drugs will be used as evidence in the case against you. 

Simply being extraordinary (michelangelo, aristotle, mozart, free thinking or open minded) is not tolerated. The government backed psychopaths choose your "diagnosis" off of an opinion manual on states of natural human behavior deemed unsuitable to them.

Now because you have a made up disease, you can never be cured.

Frank Bruno wonders how many more have disappeared down the NHS sinkhole

Frank Bruno a highly intelligent and successful boxer goes on TV wanting to warn members of the public they are being tricked and the "help" *cough* (expensive) drugs are dangerous.


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