Finding the right medications?

How much barraging of consecutive psychotropic drugs do you have to sustain before your brain fries? Or is it like the popular term, comparable to 'finding love'? Is it just about finding 'the right medications'?

Personally I think any human responsible for or behind an anciently designed, thick protective skull should establish at the very least. Is what do the flatteringly biased drug companies say about the situation?

Side Effect (Harm) Roulette
Sertraline/Zoloft Seroxat/Paroxetine Fluexotine/Prozac Citalopram/Celexa
* Very Common (More than 1 in 10?) * Common (up to 1 in 10?) 
The closer figures for induced sexual dyfunction are here however

By this point if you haven't picked up sexual dysfunction, depression, insomnia, constipation, flatulence, agitation, poor concentration, anxiety or fatigue as you jump from drug to drug you are unlikely to have found any cure based in science, study or fact, and certainly not in romance. The evidence however IS there for damage, whereas cure or saving lives... there is none.

Absenting from withdrawal talk and our main point of topic, polypharmacy loading.

First off it is worth nothing that even the biased of the literature suggests you would be pretty much trying the same variations of the same 'class' of drugs, SSRI's. If you (or your doctor) are feeling still ever posthumously brave (or determined) you may move further still, to the dark waters of the dangerously obscure, mental patient tested and unknown.

You might want to check out an old Russian experiment at this point, as your sure you can handle it!

You can further load up with 'mood stabilizers', addictive GABA targeting drugs, if you ambitiously expect to be cured in the 2-3 weeks guideline or otherwise be a serious Xanax addict. On the psychotic drug side of things for 'bipolar', 'mood disorder', 'mania' or 'psychosis diagnosis' diagnosis explanations that unexplained can all be caused by the SSRI's you've just been given. I recommend you buckle tight for the long term, assured of reduced brain volume, sexual dysfunction, breastmilk hormone production and occasional stays at the local prison hospital.

Considering this at least you might have found the right medications!


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