The public cover for state 'medicine' genocide

Safe and effective, how it feels like to be on the wrong side of informed consent:

Where are they now? 
Those medical 'expert's' that told you it's safe and effective

Visit the vaxxed public project here - a mission for vaccine injured children

How I believe I became a customer for the 'mentally ill' services at 9 years old.

Not that I believe that I have a disorder called 'autism' but just to back up that my belief that 'mental illness' could have been caused by my many baby vaccinations it just turns out that both of these videos mention the vaccine injuries causing OCD and Tourettes Syndrome.

I already knew all this because I noticed how everyone in the mental health places has practically the same damages and bad eye contact as the kids I now help out at the afterschool club with supposedly 'autism'.

How many of us diverted for 'mental illness' are vaccine injured children?


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