A day with Open Dialogue and Mad in America

Kings Cross London, October 2016

"Offend the powerful and protect the powerless" a traveled journalistic term that means telling the truth, drops a journalist that turned to researching the 'dark art' of psychiatry, Robert Whitaker.

The drug corporations are most certainly powerful and the mentally distressed are often powerless.

Hence why it was a co-op dialogue event with Nick Putman, the founder of the NHS program called Open Dialogue, to implement a less power and drug based form of mental support services based around open dialogue.

A Holistic and dramatically successful primary mental support service in Finland that has got many people to stay as valuable members of their community, a polar opposite to ours that is making many people chronically disabled.

With NHS professionals, people from mental health charities as well as service users of experiences with psychiatric harm and alternative recoveries, all looking for alternative solutions as a growing realization is becoming apparent that the drug trade system isn't working and is making people worse, before the new treatment guidelines are made in 2017.

An experienced therapist reminds us that it used to be a well known fact in his industry and in his training before the chemical revolution, that people with 'schizophrenia' often got better without drugs. Although They had no idea why.

A girl from west Cork, Ireland where a form of Open Dialogue was implemented tells us how and why it was so successful at helping her. In contrast to the subjection's she experienced of the drug power harm treatments she received. She informed of us the group visions4change.

Robert Whitaker used to be a hell of a lot more popular before researching psychiatry. You can find his work at madinamerica.

You can find out more about the latest Open Dialogue events and training opportunities at opendialogueapproach.

The (serious about health) collaborative presentations and experience started at 9am till 5pm, you can check out a portion of the event that was filmed by a passionate activist for humane change over here.


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