People were put in asylums to stop them breeding

As we move towards the 'post industrial order' where the value of machines rises as the value of humans fall, a place filled with smart 'hypnosis' phones and instantenous pleasure 'virtual reality' games and socialising where the false promise of the chemical imbalance drug promise becomes just that, a false promise. Let us take you back to a day, before the grass was green and not pixelated opoids. To the dawn of the industrial order, where further masses of wealth were to be accumulated and the waste of space getting in the way clogging up the machines had no place to fit. A time where Queen Victoria was hissed at in public from the perception of her treatment of humans in 'workhouses' instead of our now 'Royals' who PR run World Wildlife Fund sanctuaries so they can keep the elephant shooting to themselves and diversionary 'media (home) entertainment (systems)'.
 Surely the underground royal powers needed a good way to stop these valueless commodities breeding. I know! Mental health charity! Poor hungry, 'insane' or 'feeble minded', we'll take care of that problem cough drain cough family member for you... I mean 'treat'. The 'perfect solution' for everybody... although people were just starting to learn the fine art of political correctness so you have to forgive them for calling them mental asylums and not hospitals, You really do, aswell as the open honesty that people were put in asylums to stop them breeding. 

Before the chemical revolution...

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And place leaflets in public places of 'health'! Anywhere vulnerable people are being harmed.

So what does it really have to do with Freud being a coke addict, thinking it was a wonderdrug 'antidepressant' (and claiming the minds of men are beasts) anway? (Psychoanalyses huh, Just animals.)

Im going to watch some disney psywarfare lion king and run round catching pokemon with my cute little (smiley) rat friend pikachu.

And buy some donkey cum aftershave so I can go get laid tonight on fermented drugs. Oh wait... :-( mental people have a common 'side effect' ' (nice language ;-)') of sexual dysfunction, slurred speech, dribbling and difficulty paying attention to talking breasts... OH CRAP


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