Sterilising the mentally ill is not a side effect

How quaint, wether you use the manufactorer company leaflets statistics, The US National Library of medicines, SSRI (inducing genital numbness) being used as an official treatment for premature ejaculation, effective use for sexual dysfunction on peadophiles or a psychologists, It is clear cut. Absolutely damning.

The BMA quotes 'devastating' harm and wants a 24 hour drug helpline. The British Institute of Human Rights don't want to acknowledge human rights. The (UN) World Federation of Mental Health was ran by multiple Nazi war criminals (with DR. MD titles) like Werner Villinger. To boot The UKs drug regulator got the job after defending seroxat against child murders and the creator of SSRIS, Candace Pert, says she created a monster and messing with neurotransmitters effects many other important functions of the body.

Young and puberscent losing their humanity, men and women buried alive losing genital sensation, connectedness. Young, successful happy popular men commiting suicide over. Like the child rats in the serotonin studies in the sixties losing social and sexual mating relationships as adults. The same relentless impotence attack on the percievedly down-humanly graded paranoid schizophrenics or many others as like 'bipolars' 'wrong type of mood' or 'the tourrettes syndrome' pseudosciencely 'medicated' basket bin, 'medicated' as a matter of social policy with the same 'anti-psychotic' drugs, previously officially called 'major tranquilizers'.

The mere fact now apparent that they propelled this 'medication policy' saga on the back of a 'chemical imbalance' dishonesty and last but not least they put people in mental asylums to stop them breeding...

Before the chemical revolution.
Does your doctor have a good conscience? Or does he have a good excuse?

Let us know below


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