Young man leaves a PSSD suicide note

A popular young man Kevin Goodreau who was able to articulate how PSSD changed him from a happy young man looking forward to his life left a PSSD suicide note, that was covered in the alternative press, not the mainstream media.

At just 28 years old he writes "many people don't even realize that the drugs are the problem. If I can help people to understand the truth behind the psychiatric death machine while preventing them from undergoing a lifetime of needless suffering, I would be somewhat happy."

"The sexual symptoms are terrible, but the core of this disease called PSSD (post-SSRI sexual dysfunction) is something far more frightening. It is difficult to describe if you don't experience it. I Believe the answer lies in widespread neurological damage which, most likely, cannot be reversed."


  1. Glad he or his family got the letter- because they stole ours- lucky it was unsuccessful- but the key is- they cause the despair -that causes most suicide attempts- and then try to make out it was them and their madness- they're the lowest and most disgusting people on the planet without a doubt.

  2. It sickening how psychopathic humanity is. Psychs don't deserve to be called humans, they are a disease.


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