Appeasing psychiatry syndrome

On Secretive Withdrawal Assault... a book quote

" Do Antidepressants Induce Dependence?
The simple answer to the politically delicate question "Do antidepressants induce dependence?" is yes. We are deliberately using the word "dependence" rather than "addiction," because colloquial overuse of the latter has attached a great deal of emotional baggage to it. "

From the book Psychopharmacology for mental health professionals an integrative approach by Elliot Ingersoll and Carl Rak

The authors deem it unfair (forget the victims) on the bullying cult of mental health to call it addiction. Appeasing Psychiatry Syndrome (APS).

"We prefer the construct of dependence, defined as a physical tolerance produced by repeated administration of a drug and a concomitant withdrawal syndrome (Stahl, 2000). Given this definition of dependence, we can state that SSRI antidepressants can induce what seem to be tolerance and dependence. As Advokat, Comaty, and Julien (2014) stated, "a discontinuation occurs in perhaps 60% of SSRI-treated patients""

To be clear most human beings being given 'medication for life' as jellybeans by doctors under the guise of some sort of inane genetic 'mental illness' are subsequently rubbished, not believed and offered more drugs and trips to these bogus psychiatrists for being judged 'mentally ill'. There is a whole community of these drugged and thrown on the colloquial scrapheap in places like

Criticizing the psychiatrists that took your human rights away has to be toned down to appease psychiatrists. And all their drug cult followers. Because drug companies have put all their money into the schools, into 'mental health charities', campaigns, politicians, media, doctors and psychiatrists too. Appeasing Psychiatry Syndrome. The latest addition to the DSM, not. In fact, psychiatrists are the only people immune from mentalism judging. They are supposed to be experts in. But all they ever do is sell drugs.

So are they experts in drug companies? No. What about the ones that ghostwrite the drug trials studies used for drug approval? That undermines any pro-psychiatry argument, yet it is still not an acceptable form for criticism. You must be dangerous to not agree with the drug companies. Group demonizing, shaming and outkasting victims of the only modern acceptable form of human rights abuses that speak out, comparable to being a racist. You would find yourself on the end of an attack. Effectively silenced by the drug companies, Not reality.

Now I am aware that most of these people go into work with at least the emotional intention of wanting or trying to help people. The group affirmations they must get, however, does not make it okay. However reaffirming it may be. In fact I don't even want to punish them, I just want them to acknowledge what they are doing and stop stealing peoples lives. Not looking the other way and taking comfort in their work group affirmations and pacified drug cult members.

Self-survival of something so evil, I guess is natural. But bullying of others shouldn't be tolerated. Free judgement should be demanded by all groups, with the freedoms in free countries to do so.

It is a cult because it doesn't work, because there is not one study that shows these disabling toxic drugs saves lives. That makes it a belief, based on lies. Not saving lives. In fact the only evidence in that regard shows that they kill people and disable them. Turn them into chronically disabled people. Yes those drugs are making people worse, in fact, human customers forever in most cases. You wouldn't be able to get away with this on an animal or even a car.

People have done very well out of it. This monstrous activity. Look the other way or not, that is unavoidably what they are choosing to do. Many mortgages have been paid out of destroying other human beings lives. Rights to a life. Raped away, for the sake of a good career.


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