Sterilising The Mentally Ill: Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD)

The self-titled 'experts' of Glaxo and Pfizer; Psychiatrists, say Glaxo and Pfizer want to help you, Psychiatrists expect you to believe.

The "drugs saved my life" religion unopposed, questioned at the risk of stigma.

Educated PHD's in dark unspoken rooms, Compelled to set up a Council For Evidence Based Psychiatry.

The long serving Irish pathologist Dr Declan Gilsenan upon retirement, attempts to speak out. Raising the issue of a career of postmortem's caused by 'antidepressants'. "‘Too many’ suicides linked to depression tablets". He is not alone, Like me, when I was 9 years old used as a mortgage paying guinea pig for a science-less "no need to prove" assortium of nice "medical experts", that pushed this religion of drugs on me.

On the usual psyche-bending cocktails as my "disturbed" peers, medications wouldn't hurt you, they are good for you. Me or no one else had any idea it was the "medications" making me act uncharacteristically, out of my own control, having no idea why I was lashing out at my beloved little brother and sister at the very moments I was doing it. With mood swings associated with 'antidepressants'. It was so confusing. Yet people had an answer that explained it. "I was mentally ill". No yellow card side effect report forms sent off. they were called medications, not drugs.

 (not me in pic)
My padded cell. 9 years old.
"The Cosy room"
From the unaccounted mood swings created by the 'medications'

National films with conscious experts showing the 'mental health' drug companies are covering this up emerge in 2002, on prime time tv: BBC's Panorama's "The Secrets of Seroxat". Yet the army of psychiatrists and prescription warriors keeps drugging children up. More than ever. With excuses I'm sure. "I don't give drugs out unless children really need it, they are really ill".

Reality, or the actual figures shows the same prescription warriors, psychiatrists, are really the one's with the multiple personality disorders. I wonder which one goes to 'work', and which one goes home to a family, that they have raped others of, like me.

Besides alike the self-serving drug companies who have also done really well out of it, they did not mass produce new pills to only sell to 'the very clinically depressed', they rely on the solidly reliable butchery of 'psychiatrists'. An 'art' form of bow tied 'genius men' and 'caring', emotionally understanding female mass murderers. Definite experts on the brain and drug companies...

Like the padded cell wasn't a padded cell, it was a "cosy room", something I only realized in my 20s. Just like SSRI's are 'antidepressants' apparently, not SSRI's... major tranquillizers are 'antipsychotics', also the cure for Tourettes Syndrome???. You would expect to be able to trust your medical doctor, the self proclaimed 'experts', not to kill you, or lie to you. No one suspected a thing, it wasn't the 'medications'. Regardless I just ran into cars if I was in a bad mood, apathetically downed all the pill boxes I could find, regardless of the consequences, at 12.

I also grew man boobs and weird cravings for food left out overnight...
Psychiatrists have a long history of lying to cover up the fallacies of their idiosyncrasies A.K.A their industry. From thalidomide to benzodiazepines to antidepressants to 'mood stabilizers' to amphetamine 'medications' for 'ADHD' (specifically aimed at children). At 19, as if my cocktail wasn't lethal enough to be taken off of I was goaded to take this 'medication' at my local 'mental health' centre, in the doctor's words 'a wonderdrug', having spent half my amateur life in institutions I didn't bat an eyelid. If you watched the BBC's hidden camera program "Who's Paying your doctor", by panorama. I believe the word's were very similar on the standard CPD training points (the training doctors get is from drug companies). So it's not really a wonder my organs were sold for a ten-pence.

Chemically castrated for life despite throwing away the 'tablets' years ago at the ripe old age of just 21 years old. The only man under 50 years old in the 'viagra' sexual dysfunction testing clinic waiting rooms. Wondering what my 'normal' peers were up to, the people I always just wanted to be like. Spending the most active part of my man life, in my early twenties, at rare parties or social outings I would go to, a girl would stare down at my c**k at the party. Not understanding why nothing was happening, like all the other active young men my age. She was staring for long enough. What kind of man am I? All young men are animals, you couldn't kill their sexuality if you tried.

Because this Is a human rights issue, a human rights dirty secret, and because I have been left dumped with this with no support. I now write about sterilising the mentally ill. Some articles by others of this abusive sexual possession I recommend would be 'buried alive' and this moving article on IMGUR.

In fact on this very day I wrote this article, the legendary UFC presenter Joe Rogan said on his radio show with a doctor "well there's a big effect on libido, yeah I know a lot of people who've taken it where their sex drive just goes away".

Human Rights Abuses Flaunted In our faces

Every time I see suicide adverts that tell people to 'seek help', that being from a doctor that prescribes drugs that cause suicide, mass suicide. I cringe. And every time a (fellow) whacked out moron on psychoactive drugs calls it 'medications' 'mental illness' or 'get help from a doctor', inside, makes me want to flush their heads down the toilet and put a lighter to my medication induced 24/7 intestine-damaged personal gas generator. Even worse are the social communists that tell you to 'seek help' instead of helping people themselves, like they have the mental incarceration ward on speed-dial.

PSSD (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction) is the term now used to describe the horrible permanent chemical castration damage to victims of SSRI's, thousands of which are on the internet, but a doctor doesn't believe you are entitled enough to decide if you are willing for this to put your sex life on the line. They are active enforcers AGAINST your right to informed consent, with your body. In reality all of the 'mental health' drugs have a 'most common' preference for chemical castration. Just like always, mental patients were put in asylums to stop them breeding (with the general public). At such high rates it is almost like chemical castration is a rite of passage for mental patients. SSRI's/Antidepressants by the way are used on pedophiles to wipe off their sexuality (page:20).

"the high prevalence of sexual dysfunction has been noted in patients taking SSRIs in other settings, with highly significant results for impact on libido, arousal"

I had almost had enough after not being believed and blamed for having some form of 'mental illness'. I couldn't believe that I could have been the unlucky one, or that I was all alone, nonetheless I had had it. Over 60% of people on just the SSRIs are inflicted with 'sexual dysfunction', doctors do not care to tell you and arrogantly believe it will disappear when you stop taking the drugs only because they never bothered to test it. Most people on 'mental health' drugs are women, some aren't that bothered, and a lot are older. Nonetheless it's often impossible to be believed, in fact in recorded history, you really have to be a Nun.

From the chapter ‘Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction”

"An orgasm rebound apparently could result when the drug was discontinued. Healy (1997) recounts the story of a nun who experienced three days of spontaneous orgasms when withdrawing from clomipramine/Anafranil." From Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Professionals by Carl Rak and Elliot Ingersoll

Exactly what happened to me on withdrawal before my genitals went (medication-induced) permanently numb again forever.

Continuing on the books section called ‘Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction’.

“With serotonin-related AISD, apparently the drug’s stimulation of serotonin receptors in the spinal cord can inhibit the spinal reflexes, orgasm and ejaculation (Stahl, 2000). Although early market research with SSRIs reported that approximately 4% of patients taking them would experience this side effect, and it is worth discussing, Healy (1997) states that the number is now confirmed to be well over 50% and may be higher.”

Also given ‘anti-psychotic’ drugs (for ‘Tourette's Syndrome) like Risperidone from since a 9 year old that also chemically castrates known by at least in part by inducing high prolactin releases from the pituitary gland in the brain. So I will never know which of the chemically castrating drugs they gave me actually caused my permanent chemical castration.

I recently appeared on a radio show in America with people from all over the world that have been sterilised for being mentally ill. With a woman from America, cut open as a teen from the 'mental health services' (that has just received 'reparations'). And a man from Australia treated by the mental health breeding program as a child in Australia by the same targeting of his pituitary gland and prolactin levels.

Either way it’s now referred to as PSSD by many on the internet.

No one’s ever heard of a yellow card side effect reporting form, the doctors don't let you know, that's for sure.

It's beggars belief that the drug regulator for the UK is Ian Hudson, after being the previous long term employee for Glaxosmithkline where he defended them in trial over SSRI's killing children, in which the drug company was found guilty...

This doesn't put off your doctor, for sure, I mean "the drugs saved your life". I wonder in spirit how the people that were murdered by SSRIs causing suicides feel about you saying that? And suicide 'campaigns'. They do not have a voice to speak for themselves. Most people don't leave suicide notes. A young man called Kevin Goodraeu left a PSSD suicide note after being chemically castrated in precisely the same way, his story covered in the free alternative media, not the mainstream press. He said:

"many people don't even realize that the drugs are the problem. If I can help people to understand the truth behind the psychiatric death machine while preventing them from undergoing a lifetime of needless suffering, I would be somewhat happy."

Australian Psychiatrist Dr. Niall Mclaren, a former head of dept. of psychiatry said the fallacy of the pseudoscience being exposed is what scares the 'psychiatry authority' the most. He says:

"the general public needs to know where their hundreds of millions of dollars of research money is going and where their billions upon billions of dollars of treatment money is going, and above all where their sons and daughters and mothers and fathers are going, and that's where it's at. B**ger the money, excuse me, but b**ger the money. It's the lives that count." - He also mentions the 'sexual damages.'

Head of psychiatry at UCL, London, Joanna Moncrieff illustrates like many others that 'anti-psychotics' were actually called 'major tranquillizers'. That's one of the beauty's of my lifelong medication cocktail. A perfect crime as psychiatrist Dr. Grace Jackson would put it, I will never know which one of these 'medications' chemically castrated me. She had to see a lot of military veterans die after seeing psychiatrists. NAMI's new director stated before that there was a big problem, that 75% of known 'mental health charities' funding comes from the drug companies. A conflict of interest that just never penetrates the essentially British doctors faith in the religion of drugs.

Essentially British being a phrase nabbed from John Rawlings Rees speech at the secretive annual national council of mental hygiene on June the 18th , 1940. Called operation phoenix, to rise the industry of psychiatry out of the ashes of war. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, a vested interest in bombs and weapons manufacturing. Google John Rawlings Rees operation phoenix. He also set up the UN's World Federation of Mental Health, where the 1 in 4 need 'treatments' slogan comes from in 1948, also where "#World mental health day comes" from. With prominent Nazi psychiatrist, and mass murdering eugenicist Werner Villinger, from the T-4 euthanasia 'experiment'.

 Original Source: The Washington Herald, Now The Washington Post.

Incorporating the phony 'art form' treatments from psychiatry into a national health system, imported from Nazi Germany in 1946, The National Health Service Act. Setting up 'mental health community centres' in every locality, no escape, under operation phoenix.

Other 'treatments' John Rawlings Rees taught his new army of psychiatrists, to hide the illegitimacy of this non-science, was psychoanalyses with fake 'truth serum' hypnotizing drugs Sodium Amytal and Sodium Thiopental. You can see a BBC recreation of this in action at a 'disturbed' children's home victim in the 70's on the BBC's website: Just google "What went on at the hospital that experimented on child patients". Just like today, a brutal combination of psychoanalyses and drugs is used to break you down. However the trauma of psychoanalyses is a lot easier to recover from than the permanent harms of psychoactive drugs.

For some the truth is ugly. for others it violates, destroys and rapes their whole god given existence. Convenience is a luxury until the gun points at you. 'mental health' drugs also cause violence.

You would think that people mass dealing drugs that cause 'suicide' would react with concern about concerns raised about those drugs that are aimed at 'stopping suicide'. 

Psychiatrists always say they are the ones they never give out drugs lightly unless the person is seriously ill. The actual figures prove they have multiple personality disorders. Just like the genocidal Nazi's nice family people, one that turns up at work as one person and goes home as another. Because the number of children on drugs has only gone up year on year. And adults is at an 8% yearly rise.

Parliament has even discussed the link between rising prescribing and chronic disability.

And when you raise the ugly truth. When you show a 'real' concern', with real science, and statistics. You get from a study posted in the British Medical Journal from psychiatrists on rates of violence "Study links SSRIs to violent crime in young adults":

"it does not say whether those with violent offences were taking therapeutic doses of ssris. It actually says that many weren't. One could therefore conclude that undertreatment of depression is correlated with violence and that adequate ssri treatment would mitigate this occurrence." - Psychiatrists response to a real study on consequences of their treatment that affects and destroys the lives of real people. They weren't on high enough doses of drugs * face palm *.

A press release from the Royal College Of Psychiatrists. (Due to low subscribers from young medical doctors to choose their training in psychiatry, and the response to legitimate criticism of psychiatry's pseudoscience imposed genocide.)

"Royal College calls for an end to ‘Bashing’ Psychiatrists "

"The stigma surrounding psychiatry doesn’t begin and end with the experiences of patients; doctors too experience stigmatisation – for deciding to become psychiatrists."

The BMA (British Medical Association) do not call these drugs 'medications' as easily, they are currently lobbying parliament, and you should back them. They do not call them 'medications' so easily, THEY call them 'psychoactive drugs'. Asking questions leads to answers. And the 'self-titled' experts of glaxo and pfizer, psychiatrists tyranny, don't want you to lead to those answers.

That they are not experts and people do far better off brain poisoning drugs.

Like the successful non drug systems like open dialogue have already found. Even with a continued focus on Freud's depressive cocaine fueled psychoanalyses theories (CNN) recovery rates are at 83%.

ours are: well...

If you are a psychiatrist I plead to you to, speak out and change career. Or join and set up Open Dialogue, they need psychiatrists apparently.


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    1. Thank You. I will use my voice and freedoms and one day it will stop.

    2. Great article. Keep up the fight.

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