Historic recording of anti-mental health legends in 'mental health'

At the precipice of extraordinary times of social apathy and drugging children. One of the longest working Harvard trained psychiatrists Dr. Peter Breggin recorded an historic podcast with Jeanne Stolzer on his personal long standing podcast series.

Peter Breggin is an anti-psychiatry psychiatrist. Having worked in the industry, still, he sees as the same evil barbaric practice as when he started working in it in the 1950's. He recognizes it is 'psychiatry' itself that is evil.

He is about to promote a book series he contributed into with many other legendary highly qualified anti-psychiatrist psychiatrists. All of whom have collected a vast record of this shameful era that hopefully mankind will avert.

The book is called ‘The Sedated Society’.

Other historic books by diligent anti mental health experts would be: 

Rethinking Psychiatric Drugs: A Guide for Informed Consent by Grace Jackson

Perhaps the article on TMS electrical brain stimulation - a handheld social control device, is relevant.

Please download, save and share the recordings and archives for future generations history.


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