mental health eugenics targeting of 'minorities'

Psychiatrists prove it's a fake science eugenics based life stealing industry again.

‘When I became a consultant […] I saw black people being sectioned, given schizophrenic diagnoses, not being given the more respectable diagnoses but the more derogatory ones, those that carry punishment instead of therapy.’ -    From 'Ethnic Inequality in Mental Health'' 'Full Report''

Talking spirituality is deemed 'mental illness' unless of course its a mainstream religious cult.

". You have to talk mental health, you can’t talk spirituality, not very much anyway or you get sectioned.’"

All they are ever doing with their questionnaires/reports seeing as they believe in mental health hygiene is making the eugenics results even higher because the penultimate answer of such a belief is 'more mental health awareness'. The more they talk of eugenics based BAME, the worse they make the problem.

Nonetheless there will be no end of do-good pill pushers who believe in the bait, giving themselves, psychiatry and the intentionally chronically brain drugged disabled. Ever bigger business.

Black mental health   (Cites the genocidal UN's world health organization on the front page)

'Black mental health awareness month'    (An article by Doctors, no conflict of dollar interests there! Delicately pushing the fraudulent chemical imbalance claims)

Now they have murdered and sterilised made impotent a lot of the adults. Going after the children seems to be 'the solution'.


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