PSSD The Sexual Tardive Dyskenia

Smart youtuber goes over theory with the ex-head of British Pharmacology Dr. David Healy 

Trained Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist Dr. David Healy now runs a side effect reporting charity called RXISK. He also works at Cardiff University. RXISK and Dr. David Healy has been one of the leading lights taking the fight on PSSD to the censoring drug companies and 'health system'. As well as the other harms from 'mental health' (and other) drugs.

Tardive Dyskenia is also permanent brain and nerve damage that occurs in 'antipsychotics', 'antidepressants' and other drugs. That is characterized by uncontrollable body movements. The mental health injectors tried to pretend that Tardive Dyskenia never existed for many decades of 'treating' the vulnerable. They merely passed the blame of it on to the patients for being 'mentally ill'. 

PSSD is characterized by numb anesthetized genitals, absent arousal response and numbing of emotions and emotional response. A distinct absence of being able to feel love and the like. Often referred to as Anodhenia.

A complete loss of personal identity.


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