Vaccines cause 'mental health problems' and drug companies profit

Vaccines are causing emotionally sensitive children. Mental illness and autism is a made up cover for vaccine injuries. There is no such thing as mental health, or autism. Mental Health and Autism does not exist. And I am about to prove it below.

Obviously, emotionally sensitive children from vaccines are also likely to resemble something that looks like 'mental illness' when they have to deal with added stress.

OCD proof link at 7 minutes 30 seconds in  - "We were told 'we signed for that shot.'" "Severe OCD"

Tourrettes Syndrome proof link 1

Tourrettes Syndrome proof two - at 2 mins and 40 seconds in

Other contributory factors to vaccine assault and chemical assault might be the Nutrition-less assault.

Pesticides cause brain development damage.

Vaccine injuries cause sensitive people to be drugged for 'mental health'. OCD and Tourettes Syndrome are supposedly often co-linked with autism, but psychiatrists like to also separate their 'treatment' categories to further confuse the cover up diagnoses of vaccine and chemical assault. The main benefactors are the psychiatrist opportunists. Who only ever bash up the brain more of the defenseless victim. Of course this is a desirable situation for the drug companies business model, as well as any co-existing population controlling agenda.

None of these names or diagnosis exist. Because nutritional and chemical injuries is sadistically a cover for vaccine injuries/assaults. Most people in the mental hell 'hospitals' have bad eye contact and otherwise indistinguishable from what we are led to believe is a different, the 'spectrum'. Apparently everyone's on it. Apparently everyone's vaccinated and eats glyphosate (or other pesticides). They make 'good workers', they tell us. OCD and Tourrettes Syndrome are my diagnosis's, and I was given further nonsensical brain bashing 'anti-psychotic' drugs and 'antidepressants' that supposedly in a make believe world are the medicine for so. I was also fed cartoon brain chemical imbalance propaganda. Suggesting I need to take 'the medicine for life'. I would have fared better on Mary Poppins spoonful of sugar medicine. Or at least I wouldn't have been chemically and socially castrated. I am sure a chimney boy would be preferable to an eunuch.

Harming children is acceptable and widespread to everyone they say. In the UK, USA and western world, but just not on peoples focus of attention that is diverted to parts of Africa or Iraq. That's what we do to children here. That's how much respect we have for defenseless human life in the UK, USA and Europe.

The Good News

The new American president Donald J Trump, that is constantly vociferously lied about by the pharma owned media. Whilst himself not being sponsored by pharma. Has launched a vaccine investigation task-force to be headed by Democrat R.Kennedy. An unprecedented investigation into vaccines. What will prevail for the drug corporations if the American and global public are revealed to have tortuously disabled their children?

Update - Pilot control study from Yale University discovers an association between Neuropsychiatric Disorders Following Vaccination of Children and Adolescents



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  3. I have called that group: "Vaccines cause injury, but not autism - a fake psych label for normal kis".

  4. I have called that group: "Vaccines cause injury, but not autism - a fake psych label for normal kis".


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