Female Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Video Published by Mayo Clinic

Although there are some factual misconceptions about the effectiveness of a 'real' antidepressant. The missed out experience of PSSD communities experiences that re-instation of the cause of damage, 'antidepressants' can in some cases merely temporarily partially ease the symptomatic brain damage caused by said drugs IN SOME CASES... It is like re-instating heroin to somebody during withdrawal, so for men that would be like re-instation may bring half a limp dick back to a complete limp dick for a temporary period you are re-flooding the brain with the drug. That is sexual dysfunction CAUSED by the drug 'antidepressants'. One that did not pre-exist. And certainly well documented NOT caused by 'depression'. And certainly not fixed by 'more antidepressants'.

But one half step away from denial by anyone is a welcome study...


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