Food Nutrition Keeps Your Mind Calm. Not Drugs!

Food nutrition that keeps your mind calm. Don't touch drugs! Add medium amount of Long grain carbs. (and healthy amounts of meats).


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I used Water, a Pot, Knife and Board;

local tesco express: Brown Onions, Leeks, Garlic, Asparagus, Courgettes, Tomatoes On the Vine, Org. Carrots, Kale, Green Beans, Org. Spinach, Spring Onions, Green Beans, Fresh Podded Peas From Poor Bankrupt Guatemala and Parsnips.

Beware of any processed sugar during withdrawal. Beware of processed sugars and other processed's.

Good Luck!

PS: It looks horrible but it actually tastes good due to the garlic and spring onion juices!


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