Stop Phase 3: UK rolls out mental health re-education camps while US makes a sale on university kids at 'safe spaces'

The Potential of the (mobile) Mental Health Re-education Camps

The Mental Health Police

"flagged up your mental health profile because he was worried about you"

An illustration of the mental health warfare that has already begun. With 70 million people in the UK on 'mental health' drugs, many advocates for human rights opposing the dehumanization of mental health are expecting something of a cutback abolition of the 'mental health empire', not an expansion.

Lessons from the past taught us that with every promise of a new treatment or 'medication' accompanies the deceptive fraud of tales of 'less side effects'. And at such times reports of criticisms of the 'old' treatments and drugs are allowed to surface 'to the light'. As has been possibly happening lately.

TMS, Electrical Brain Stimulation, being one of those idyllic tools of social control (and brain manipulation being touted).

But we face the beginning of a subtle totalitarian expansion as we speak. Mental health re-education camps are now successfully running on a large scale in the UK. Over 150,000 people have already undergone new Mental Health First Aid Training courses in the UK (indoctrination, to divert more drug sales). Under the guise of combating racism, particularly appealing to the well meaning members of the police force that want to cut deaths in police custody. They are unaware of the sleepwalking 'mental health' train that psychiatry developed (from eugenics) under the state health system of Nazi Germany.

At the same time the state education system in the USA are grooming and pimping 'mental health' to students at places called 'safe spaces'. Also under the guise of fighting racism.

As 'mental health' is discrimination based. Based on 'unsound' 'science' (as it is eugenics in practice). Black people are most effected and harmed by it's use. The method of a wide-scope opinion based discrimination judgement, That is 'mental health'. Issued by a practitioner. Before administration of 'treatments' or 'drugs'.

Here is a psychiatrists take

"When I became a consultant […] I saw black people being sectioned, given schizophrenic diagnoses, not being given the more respectable diagnoses but the more derogatory ones, those that carry punishment instead of therapy." - From 'Ethnic Inequalities in Mental Health'

But I digress, whilst we can celebrate the opening of the worlds first anti-psychiatry scholarship. In reality the mental health re-education camp has already been operating and flexing it's muscles for a number of decades in public cities all around us. On adverts in trains, buses and billboards and now 'social medias' for a while now in preparation. And they have all the arms of the state as a weapon.


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