PSSD Article in the Guardian

The Guardian has made a PSSD article    (like the Daily Mail did)

The Medical Journalist Whistleblower Jon Rappoport ( talks with Howard Hughes (ex-BBC) in this podcast interview on how the mainstream media put the relevant news down the page...

The Unexplained Podcast Interview With Jon Rappoport

Per Week Of Exposure Brain Damage

"More alarmingly, they found that the taper phase, when patients were being taken off the drugs, was the riskiest of all, showing a “higher proportion of severe adverse events per week of exposure”. This, they said, opens up the risk of a “prescribing cascade”, whereby drug side-effects are thought to be symptoms"

The PSSD Victims 

  (Including the sexual mutilation of children)

"Many SSRI users report blunted emotions, even long after they have ceased taking pills, and an impact on sexual function. “They should be called anti-sex drugs rather than antidepressant drugs,” says Jon Jureidini, a child psychiatrist of 30 years’ standing, a professor of psychiatry and paediatrics at the University of Adelaide and co-author of the BMJ study, “It’s more reliably predictable that they’re going to get rid of sexual function than it is that they’re going to get rid of depression.” Again, some people find this persists long after they cease taking the drug. One person I spoke to, Kevin, had taken Prozac for six months when he was 18; now 38, he hasn’t had an erection since."

Many more PSSD stories can be found, down the bottom of the Guardians article.



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