(PSSD) Woke Up With Numb Genitals From Forced Hospitalization

(PSSD) Woke Up With Numb Genitals From Forced Hospitalization
A new PSSD Interview

Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. Christian was unsuspectingly given PSSD from forced treatment and imprisonment at 'the mental hospital' from 'antipsychotics'. A regular occurring not spoken about, human rights abuse.

At 22 years old, this has ruined his life. He has no legal rights.

Amnesty International 'Don't do mental health'.

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**The interviewees identity has been scrambled, for obvious reasons. Pertaining to human rights abuses.



PSSD is a term coined from the Mental Hygiene drugs called 'antidepressants' where the subject gains a very specific hormonal brain damage waking up with horrifying numbing of their genitals, forever. The government has effectively ended their right to erections through their state 'antidepressant' national policies. Although the other Mental Hygiene drugs marketed as 'antipsychotics' are less talked about causing PSSD. because the victims are usually shamed, abused, force injected and effectively shamed into silence. The interviewees identity has been concealed for obvious reasons.

Daryl: Thank you for coming on The Everyday PsychVictims Project Christian.

You were given PSSD from antipsychotics?

Chrstian: First of all thank you for having me...
Uh yes, I got PSSD from two different antipsychotics. From Zyprexa and Invega.

Daryl: How old are you?

Christian: I'm 22 years old.

Daryl: How old were you when your mental health service sexually mutilated you?

Christian: 22.

Daryl: And how long have you been living with this intrusion for?

Christian: About four months...

Daryl: When you were hospitalized did you have a choice or not about taking psychiatric drugs?

Christian: Actually I didn't because they didn't inform me. Something I knew after that, they must do by the law. And I then knew that they had given me psychiatric drugs; antipsychotic drugs...

Daryl: How did they administer these drugs?

Christian: They told me, me and my mom, that they are some pills for helping me sleep and relax.

Daryl: Did they inform you prior to ingestion that these drugs would most likely cause a sexual dysfunction?

Christian: No, actually they didn't Say anything for any problems I will have, and after the drugs.

Daryl: Did they also inform you that follow-up studies on the so called side effects, if they stick around, have not been done?

Christian: That is it... Nothing.

Daryl: what did you feel happening to your body?

Christian: well I felt mybody changing from the inside. I can't explain it. It was like a massacre in my body. Day by day my body started to get confused. I started losing function on many things.

Daryl: At what point did you notice your genitals were numb?

Christian: When I was on the first antipsychotic Zyprexa, I realized day by day that I am losing some function (feeling in my genitals). it was like from a hundred percent. I was losing something like 10 percent every day. When I hit the 35 or 45 percent (of anaesthesia to my genitals), I asked to stop the therapy. About the 12th day of my hospitalization, they say they can't let me out cause I have some mental problem or something, and I can not stop taking the pills. After I refused again and again they compromised taking the pills to another antipsychotic drug Invega... with light... and will not have side effects. like the first one.

Again I refused to take it.Then they threatened me that if I don't take the second pill, they will not let me go out. After some hours I accepted taking it, coz I had some intense terror horror withdrawal from the first antipsychotic pill. And I can't go out by myself. And I was nearly convinced that I have a mental illness or some brain problem.

The day after I took the second antipsychotic 'Invega'. And I woke up completely impotent. I couldn't feel my genitals. It was like they were disconnected from the rest of the body. my brain had changed shape and I have many many more problems. I was terrified.

Daryl: And so was I, that's how it feels for me too. Did anybody at the hospital report this life-changing side-effect to any adverse effect report agency?

Christian: no not at all.

Even when I told them about these things one doctor seemed to knew what I was feeling. And told me that these things are temporary and they will go away.

The doctors I saw was denying it exists. The entire existence of these things.

Daryl: Same... did any psychologist or any doctor anywhere do this?

Christian: Generally only a minimum amount of doctors inform people for these dangers. The biggest amount are hiding all these problems. From what I had seen until now, because I saw ten doctors after that. Only one doctor told me sincerely, an andrologist. That is aware of this condition (PSSD). And the big life changing problems may the drugs cause to people. All the others was denying what I was saying and they were trying to tell me that, to my family and I, that I'm traveling or I'm hallucinating. And that these are the results of my mental state.

Daryl: Same with me... what effect and impact did this have on your life and what impact is it having?

Christian: My life after that was pretty much destroyed. And when I got out the first month I didn't realize the kind of damage they made to my body. And I couldn't even realize that also may be any of that will be permanent. I couldn't ever imagine what I will have to face. I wanted to think that all these things are temporary and they will go away with time. After I said about PSSD and the other problems. From the history I saw that there are minimum improvements on many people. And on me too.

And probably someone don't find a cure for that. I will probably have to live for with that for the rest of my life. the impact it is having on my life is huge. First of all I lost all my hope. About everything. I lost my confidence. And I lost and I'm losing many friends. I lost possibly girlfriends. I lost joy. I lost nearly all my interest. I lost my personality. I have problems in my family now. I keep fighting and arguing with them all the time.

I feel ashamed. I avoid to go out in public because I feel like a robot. I feel like an alien or a freak. No one can free me. I feel alone. I'm crying a lot. lately I became suicidal. It's like I lost my love for everything and my interest in life. I lost my ability to make connections with people. Men or women. I feel I can't be loved. I'm scared to live.

I'm scared to live a life in shame and impotence.

Daryl: Lost a big part of ourselves...

Christian: Yeah I think my old self is destroyed and I must be someone else now.

Daryl: Yeah I've been living with it for about seven years now.

Christian: With a lack of survival skills. And with a lot of more problems. Psychically and mentally, because of the drugs.

Daryl: Yeah it's no way to live. I don't know how I've made it this long. I totally concur with that. A zombie. Feel inhuman around other people. Just not. not myself. I've not being alive. I've not been here for the last seven years. Whatever was me died.

Christian: They cut something from the brain that has to do with connectivity with people.

Daryl: Yeah. 

Christian: with pills.

Daryl: yeah feels like that part of the brain. That part of the brain or something that's how it feels.

Christian: It's like part of my brain is possessed. It's like all the time someone telling me: not do that thing.

Daryl: Yeah it's horrible somebody else is controlling your body an telling you you can't do this, you can't have this. Your body is controlled there in this way, all the time. There's no break from that.

The BNF page for antipsychotic drugs (there are only two main psychiatric drugs) BNF pages that all doctors should already know says already sexual dysfunction is one of the main causes of non-adherence to antipsychotic medication and the Australian system also of injecting pituitary hormones to induce sterilization through hormonal dysfunction. so-called antidepressants have a similar basic common profile and have been specifically tested for sex offenders. Something that we are not. did you have a trial for mental illness sterilization?

Christian: No. I don't and I didn't have any problems with the law. I just made a mistake to go to a psychiatrist.

Daryl: You went to a trusted medical doctor.

Christian: I trusted a medical doctor, I couldn't believe that this will happen. It was totally out of my imagination. Then I found too on the internet that this kind of medication has been used for years to sexual offenders. And I thought how easily, those drugs were prescribed to me. And they give them to sex offenders...that's not logical. If you know what I mean

Daryl: yeah it's totally wrong.

Christian: I'm not a rapist. I'm not a pedophile. I'm not something like that. I'm a 22 year old male, young person. In university... I was in university.

Daryl: who had the misfortune of going to see a doctor.

Christian: one more one thing. I want to answer the previous question. On what impact did this have on my life. I used to be in the university. In my last work at university. To get my licence. And that happened... at that time. And now after that I left my university too.

Daryl: Your not the only person that I have interviewed that has said that. Who was at University at the time as well. Anhedonia is often referred to as the emotional part of it. there's something you told me, a doctor's response that you told me that really stood out to me. the doctor... one of the doctors dismissed the damage as he told you not to be mad about it or something?

Christian: Oh yeah yeah, he told me that it's important... I must. I need to keep continue taking the antipsychotic drugs. even if I... when I told him all the things. And he said... "yes I know all these things". "They are real". He told me to my face. actually when I was complaining about all these things.

Daryl: didn't one of them tell you please don't keep talking about it. it's not a big deal or something?

Christian: yeah even now even now all the doctors I have seen except one. They cannot realize the serious part of that situation. You know my genitals have gone numb. How can I stop speaking about that?

From a drug from a doctor. "how can I speak about?". And it's only four months ago, It's only four months ago. And I don't even can believe that. right now.

Daryl: I am pretty sure they wouldn't like it done to them. they wouldn't

Christian: From what I've seen, excuse me for interrupting you... For what I've seen until now from the doctors. They hide it.. Psychiatrists are definitely hiding (chemical castration).

Some other doctors maybe don't know so many things about that, but the psychologists and the psychiatrists... And probably the endocrinologists. Must know a lot of things about that. You know I'm not the only person that it happened to them...

Daryl: yeah.

Christian: One of the doctors that I went to. Was the first person to tell me, Yes I know what you are speaking about (PSSD). I had a same patient as you, as the same age. Exactly the same things, with you. And gave me some information from the internet for PSSD. He had taken the same medication: (('antipsychotic pills')).

Daryl: yeah you're more likely to hear about it from a patient.
Christian: It's not imaginary, it has nothing to do with 'mental illness'. It's real.

Daryl: It's very real, your more likely to hear about it from a patient than from a doctor. but it's well known they ('psych meds') do this. And there's been no tests or studies done, on how many people it sticks around for... At all.
What other adverse effects did their drugs cause you?

Christian: Well except from PSSD. Which for me is genital numbness. Loss of libido. Lack of nocturnal erections. Premature ejaculation. No responsive to visual stimulation. Shape of penis. Soft Glands. And erectile dysfunction. Also the drugs made to me... Akathasia. Gynecomastia. Restless Leg Syndrome. Anhedonia.

If you don't know what Anhedonia is. The ability to not receive enjoyment, from anything. To not feeling things...

Daryl: Most people with PSSD feel that... Anhedonia That's a very correlated thing.

Christian: Yes I know, It's a closely accompanied thing with PSSD. I saw many people complaining about Anhedonia, with PSSD. Also the drugs made me have dry skin. Dry skin all over the body. Soreness in my muscles. My muscles got stiff. I lost my personality. Depersonalization. I went into depression. I went different. I started to think different. They made me suicidal thinking. Difficulty breathing and heart beating... when I was on them. Arrhythmia. And when I stopped them I had a intense psychotic manic episode. Difficulty speaking. Concentrating. Some memory problems and some brain damage. I think I'm brain damaged probably. And don't forget to mention. That on the withdrawal I was afraid of dying. I don't know why. But I was afraid of dying if I didn't take the next dose. I was afraid, that I might die.

Daryl: yeah yeah. Did they do any tests. Or blood tests. For mental illness to tell you you had a 'mental illness'?

Christian: They did a blood test actually, but not for telling me that I had a mental illness. Actually I have to say that the drugs they gave me, before they diagnosed something on me. I mean they gave the drugs for me, to diagnose something. With purpose to diagnose something. So they gave me antipsychotic pills for mental illnesses. In advance to investigate if I have or not a 'mental illness'. That sounds crazy I know.

Daryl: yeah that sounds crazy!

Christian: Yeah they gave me the pills to. In advance, to investigate If I have a mental illness or not.

Daryl: So that was the test? Wow... That's incredible! *sigh*... And the drugs made me go crazy and had all these horrible effects so this is what is happening all over the world. Do you think they were right to risk your sexuality for their beliefs in so supposed 'treatments'?

Christian: Of course not of course not actually anyone in this world shouldn't be allowed to risk anyone's sexuality.
In any way! You can't touch those things. That are, you know, human things.

Daryl: Yeah I agree. No one should be doing that to anyone else.

Christian: It's not right. You can't touch it.

Daryl: No. It's a fundamental personal part to human beings. That other people. That's not theirs to mess with. And withhold information from people and not have informed consent and then just go... oh well! That's not right! Is there anything that you would like people to know?

Christian: Yeah definitely. People that would like to know, to. First of all don't touch any kind of psychiatric drugs. Because it's an easy mistake to make, and it would probably destroy all your future and your lives. Or keep out of yourself from many things. It's better to settle for alternatives. Second. Don't believe in such stuff as mental illnesses. I actually didn't know that. And I paid for it. I paid for it too much! but for my investigation until now I feel there is no such thing as mental illness. We are creating for money.

Don't live for anyone. For anyone. Live for yourself. And make choices for yourselves. We live in a dark world and we only live once so you have to be careful with your decisions. Don't let anyone make decisions for your life. No one knows you better than yourself.

Savior the power in you. Everyone has one. I can't forgive myself for not knowing the dangers of taking the drugs and for letting others taking decisions for my life. That's how the big problems begin... Be careful and stay away from psychiatrics, psychiatrists and psychiatric drugs.

That's all I have to say.

Daryl: Thank you very much Christian! You shouldn't expect medical doctors... You shouldn't expect to go to a doctor and have them do this to you regardless.

Thank you very much for coming on The Everyday PsychVictims Project.

Christian: I didn't expect, that I could get lobotomized so easy. And sterilized. People must know about that. Thank you very much for your time


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