Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction Victims Speak Out

Has to inject himself in the genitals with a needle just to have an erection
The PSSD victim says the leaflets should have to state that antidepressants could cause permanent sexual dysfunction.

"Hidden Faces of PSSD" youngster thinks the government should not be giving castrating agents to children. And it also costs the taxpayer a lot of money to do so. He thinks it must be more common than people speak about.

"Psychiatrist explains why I have PSSD"
PSSD victim in New Zealand records the castrating psychiatrist easefully brushing off his drugs culpability and harm. Making enumerable fantasizal excuses, with ease.

22 Year old loses university life and has his life ruined from forced 'mental hospital' treatment...  Chemical Castration from 'antipsychotics'. Click 'CC' for subtitles!

A 19 Year old loses his life and university from his doctor casually gifting him PSSD

A teenage neuroscientist contracts PSSD from the doctors 'antidepressants'

A hidden youtube user contracts PSSD from injected 'antipsychotics' under forced 'mental health' hospital 'treatment'.

Another hidden youtube user is castrated by forced injections of 'antipsychotics' under 'mental health' 'treatment'/'hospitalization.

A Playlist of Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction Victims Speaking Out


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