a PSSD interview with Dan from England

*PSSD (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction) is irreversible sexual disfigurement caused by psychiatric drugs. Genital numbness and loss of arousal; or sexual dysfunction.

The same drugs are used to chemically castrate sex offenders. But they are also given to children... by 'mental health'...

This is a PSSD interview with Dan from Birmingham, England who was 17 at the time, but is now 22.

This is a transcripted interview. 

Daryl: In your own words what is PSSD?

Dan: PSSD is a collection of life-changing symptoms that are the result of endocrinological disruption from previous SSRI usage. The most noticeable symptoms are severe dysfunction in all areas of sexuality. I think PSSD is permanent until a cure is found.

Daryl: How did you come into contact with the doctor that prescribed the spoken antidepressant?

Dan: My parents thought I was depressed and urged me to see my GP. I went and although he didn't think I was depressed, he still prescribed me fluoxetine hydrochloride (Prozac). I later found out it is against NHS guidelines to prescribe SSRIs to adolescents without a diagnosis of depression and therapy.

Daryl: How old were you?

Dan: 17. A naive child.

Daryl: Did the doctor prescribing this controlled drug explain to you the high likelihood of it causing Sexual Dysfunction?

Dan: No. He told me about other less common side effects (EG suicidal ideation) but not sexual dysfunction.

Daryl: Did the doctor tell you they use the same drug to chemically castrate sex offenders?

Dan: Haha. Of course not.

Daryl: Did this doctor inform you that the Sexual Dysfunction alteration to your body may be permanent?

Dan: No, he didn't mention sexual dysfunction until I brought it up and then told me that if it happened switching to a different medication would definitely resolve it. I had doubts about taking the medication but I stupidly trusted doctors and thought they would never hurt me, and my life is ruined as a result.

Daryl: Did the leaflet small print mention irreversible sexual dysfunction?

Dan: It might have. I know now that Prozac patient information leaflets in some countries have mentioned irreversible sexual dysfunction since 2013 (the year I first took SSRIs) but as the doctor told me it was impossible and I trusted him I didn't read all the small print. It's the biggest regret of my life. Medical professionals even today never believe PSSD is possible even if you point out that some manufacturers now mention it.

Daryl: When did you notice your genitals start to go numb?

Dan: Within the first day of taking the meds, total impotence and the annihilation of my libido ensued in the next few days.

Daryl: How scary was this experience?

Dan: It's the worst thing in my entire life and one of the worst things that can happen to people. For now I have no sexuality at all and of course that impacts on your life in every other area profoundly. I am still destroyed by this and ruminate over it daily 5 years later. Unless a cure is found for PSSD I will die a virgin. I will probably never have a relationship.

Daryl: At what point did you understand that your sexual function is not coming back?

Dan: It took a while. I tried to put it in the back of my mind and downplay the severity but after a year or so it hit me; 'I'm 18 and I have been chemically castrated, I might go my entire adult life with no sexual realm at all.'

Daryl: What did your doctors say about this?

Dan: With one exception, of the psychiatrists, GPs and other NHS staff I have spoken to since don't believe in PSSD. They get angry at me for suggesting that their medication did this to me and deny it in my medical notes even when I specifically ask them not to. They treat it like a tiny issue and ignore how severe the dysfunction is.

Daryl: Did any psychologist, counsellor, mental health worker or doctor or psychiatrist ever report this severe life altering adverse effect to any adverse effect report agency?

Dan: No. There was one sexual health specialist I saw who was aware of PSSD. He told me that he would contact my GP surgery explaining my problems and their cause, but he never did. He made no offer to report this to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme or any other agency. He refused to prescribe me anything at all to help. Basically he wanted me gone, to ignore me and what his system has done to me.

Daryl: How long were you on them for?

Dan: I can't remember exactly but it was just a few weeks, a month at most.

Daryl: How did this affect your life at the time?

Dan: It ruined my life totally. I was 17, on the verge of becoming a man and experiencing the world, and suddenly a lot of it was closed off to me, one of the most vital parts of my existence was stolen from me.

Daryl: How has this affected your life?

Dan: Like I said, I still cannot stop thinking about PSSD even 5 years later. I am 22 and incapable of having, or even properly wanting, sex. I have not found one remedy to PSSD so far that would enable me to have sexual intercourse. This of course means that it will be nearly impossible for me to find a girlfriend, and I believe I'm actually incapable of loving anyone romantically any more.

Daryl: Did you experience a drug withdrawal from the antidepressant?

Dan: I can't remember. I've blocked a lot of that period of time out of my mind and it was a long time ago.

Daryl: Have you received any compensation for being chemically castrated?

Dan: Nothing, no financial compensation and no attempt from anyone to even try and help.

Daryl: What kind of alteration to your life has this brought to you? If you had to put a number from 0 to 10, 10 being the most something can.

Dan: 10. I don't feel properly alive, I think about suicide every day. Most of my life has been stolen from me.

Daryl: I would describe the effect since (PSSD) as like it feels like a dead piece of meat now hanging down between my legs instead of a (living breathing) sexual organ like it did before. Does it feel the same way for you?

Dan: Yes. My genitals are totally numb and I never ever think about sex except in an artificial way when I'm ruminating over PSSD.

Daryl: Do you think this psychopathically cruelty drug dealing is more cruel or helpful?

Dan: SSRIs are pure poison. Even for the majority who don't get PSSD, they still have numerous horrible side effects that are very common. SSRIs are about as effective as placebos in actually treating depression too. All this for profit, psychopathy is exactly what it is.

Daryl: Is there something that you really think people should know?

Dan: If you take SSRIs, this could be you. There's no way of knowing until it happens

This is the video version of this transcripted PSSD interview
On the Everyday Psychvictims Project 
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