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When every mental patient in the room raised their hand for sexual dysfunction

How Common is PSSD?

People were put in asylums to stop them breeding

As we move towards the 'post industrial order' where the value of machines rises as the value of humans fall, a place filled with smart 'hypnosis' phones and instantenous pleasure 'virtual reality' games and socialising where the false promise of the chemical imbalance drug promise becomes just that, a false promise. Let us take you back to a day, before the grass was green and not pixelated opoids. To the dawn of the industrial order, where further masses of wealth were to be accumulated and the waste of space getting in the way clogging up the machines had no place to fit. A time where Queen Victoria was hissed at in public from the perception of her treatment of humans in 'workhouses' instead of our now 'Royals' who PR run World Wildlife Fund sanctuaries so they can keep the elephant shooting to themselves and diversionary 'media (home) entertainment (systems)'.
 Surely the underground royal powers needed a good way to stop these val…

Sterilising the mentally ill is not a side effect

How quaint, wether you use the manufactorer company leaflets statistics, The US National Library of medicines, SSRI (inducing genital numbness) being used as an official treatment for premature ejaculation, effective use for sexual dysfunction on peadophiles or a psychologists, It is clear cut. Absolutely damning.
The BMA quotes 'devastating' harm and wants a 24 hour drug helpline. The British Institute of Human Rights don't want to acknowledge human rights. The (UN) World Federation of Mental Health was ran by multiple Nazi war criminals (with DR. MD titles) like Werner Villinger. To boot The UKs drug regulator got the job after defending seroxat against child murders and the creator of SSRIS, Candace Pert, says she created a monster and messing with neurotransmitters effects many other important functions of the body.
Young and puberscent losing their humanity, men and women buried alive losing genital sensation, connectedness. Young, successful happy popular men commiti…

Traumatic Brain Injury causes Erectile Dysfunction

Traumatic Brain Injury causes Erectile Dysfunction at the same rate as psychiatric drugs. 1 in 2 will have trouble receiving sexual arousal signals from the brain.
At the same rate as psychiatric drugs, more than 1 in 2. In exactly the same way, who would have known it! Well actually some people. Psychiatrist Peter Breggin refers to these drugs that change the brain (and no I won't call them medications) as neurotoxins and recommends you go look up the neurotoxin websites for comparisons, he thinks you might be not so suprised. Oh my god what a suprise, isn't that exactly what 'antidepressants' selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, mono amine oxadise inhibitors and 'antipsychotics' cough major tranquilizers do! Anyway it's not like a regular dose of avoiding the truth ever upset anyones dinner so lets just continue on like a sticky fart catching fire.

Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI is very serious brain damage. I almost can't believe the damage from &#…

17 year old Journalist describes losing her humanity to PSSD

She was just a virgin, and like most victims, the psychiatrist didn't inform her that this could cost her her sex life. Antidepressants are actually taken more by women and girls, actually reaching the UN's genocidal target of 1 in 4. It's just pills! So is cyanide. You take a little bit of that everyday and you are going to have problems. At 17 years old Margaret Carmel describes a story a-many-a untold.

"Maybe I had changed. I had read tales of the elusive female orgasm, and I assumed that this new challenge was just part of my body changing as I got older. Maybe this was growing up. By the time I walked on campus for my first semester of college, I no longer felt anything during sexual encounters. No amount of effort could elicit any type of sensation.

But it was OK because this is just what being a woman is like, right? This is how it’s supposed to be, I told myself."

The only thing that was casual, was the prescribing of her 'medications'. She started …

Young man leaves a PSSD suicide note

A popular young man Kevin Goodreau who was able to articulate how PSSD changed him from a happy young man looking forward to his life left a PSSD suicide note, that was covered in the alternative press, not the mainstream media.

At just 28 years old he writes "many people don't even realize that the drugs are the problem. If I can help people to understand the truth behind the psychiatric death machine while preventing them from undergoing a lifetime of needless suffering, I would be somewhat happy."

"The sexual symptoms are terrible, but the core of this disease called PSSD (post-SSRI sexual dysfunction) is something far more frightening. It is difficult to describe if you don't experience it. I Believe the answer lies in widespread neurological damage which, most likely, cannot be reversed."

The BMA come out on psychoactive drugs

The British Medical Association on 6th of October 2016 are lobbying parliament on the 'devastating' harm and the "absence of robust data" and long term research they are concerned about with psychoactive drugs.
"Prescribing of psychoactive drugs is a major clinical activity and a key therapeutic tool for influencing the health of patients. But often their use can lead to a patient becoming dependent or suffering withdrawal symptoms."

"It shows us that the 'lived experience' of patients using these medications is too often associated with devastating health and social harms." - The British Medical Association (BMA)

They have written an open letter to parliament on the 6th of October 2016 requesting a 24 hour national helpline for prescribed drug dependency as priority, much like the illicit drug helpline TALKTOFRANK
After spending 3 years working with different mental health organizations and medical science institutes. They have taken w…

A day with Open Dialogue and Mad in America

Kings Cross London, October 2016
"Offend the powerful and protect the powerless" a traveled journalistic term that means telling the truth, drops a journalist that turned to researching the 'dark art' of psychiatry, Robert Whitaker.
The drug corporations are most certainly powerful and the mentally distressed are often powerless.
Hence why it was a co-op dialogue event with Nick Putman, the founder of the NHS program called Open Dialogue, to implement a less power and drug based form of mental support services based around open dialogue.
A Holistic and dramatically successful primary mental support service in Finland that has got many people to stay as valuable members of their community, a polar opposite to ours that is making many people chronically disabled.

With NHS professionals, people from mental health charities as well as service users of experiences with psychiatric harm and alternative recoveries, all looking for alternative solutions as a growing realizat…

New Book 'The pill that steals lives' covers PSSD, a lot.

The new book released by Katinka Blackford Newman "The pill that steals lives" contains various antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction activity (the irony) in the story line (including PSSD), of this true story from a TV documentary filmmaker who had her and her children's lives stolen by psychiatric drugs.

She was saved and returned to health when by overdue chance, somebody actually spotted it's the 'medications' making her 'ill'.

Buy her book here: Amazon - The pill that steals lives

follow her portal, and watch this space.

are we due a new class of untested drugs with a supposed "less side effects". We must remember to be thinking ahead of the new great lie. Where friends, brothers, mothers and sisters, secretly die.

Finding the right medications?

How much barraging of consecutive psychotropic drugs do you have to sustain before your brain fries? Or is it like the popular term, comparable to 'finding love'? Is it just about finding 'the right medications'?

Personally I think any human responsible for or behind an anciently designed, thick protective skull should establish at the very least. Is what do the flatteringly biased drug companies say about the situation?

Side Effect (Harm) RouletteSertraline/ZoloftSeroxat/ParoxetineFluexotine/ProzacCitalopram/Celexa * Very Common (More than 1 in 10?) * Common (up to 1 in 10?)  The closer figures for induced sexual dyfunction are here however
By this point if you haven't picked up sexual dysfunction, depression, insomnia, constipation, flatulence, agitation, poor concentration, anxiety or fatigue as you jump from drug to drug you are unlikely to have found any cure based in science, study or fact, and certainly not in romance. The evidence however IS there for damage, …

The public cover for state 'medicine' genocide

Safe and effective, how it feels like to be on the wrong side of informed consent:

Where are they now?  Those medical 'expert's' that told you it's safe and effective
Visit the vaxxed public project here - a mission for vaccine injured children

How I believe I became a customer for the 'mentally ill' services at 9 years old.

Not that I believe that I have a disorder called 'autism' but just to back up that my belief that 'mental illness' could have been caused by my many baby vaccinations it just turns out that both of these videos mention the vaccine injuries causing OCD and Tourettes Syndrome.

I already knew all this because I noticed how everyone in the mental health places has practically the same damages and bad eye contact as the kids I now help out at the afterschool club with supposedly 'autism'.
How many of us diverted for 'mental illness' are vaccine injured children?

Young people don't deserve informed consent

Doctors say young peoples bodies do not deserve informed consent.

says their responsible physicians who are responsible for a duty of care.

From the Psychologists couch

A Psychologist Dr. John Grohol reports that about 1 in 2 patients confided antidepressant induced sexual dysfunction.

Does the story end there?

Read his article here

Generations of being sterilized for being 'mentally ill' appear on the radio

A multitude of people from around the world that have been sterilized by their governments medical wings by both chemicals and operations for being accused of being 'mentally ill' as children speak out on the radio at Church of Reality, a longtime non-mainstream radio station.

- click here to listen to the show -
Whilst the mainstream media march around with 'world mental health day', expanding their empire of discrimination and unfounded stigma on the minds and rights of children.

One can only imagine why the mainstream media has a sharply declining 6 percent trust approval rating.

- Church Of Reality Radio can be found @

Other Genocidal Programs by Major Psychiatric Drug Company

By Pfizer, The First SSRI player (the makers of prozac) The Rebecca Project on Human Rights

The Child Psychiatrist That Doesn't Use Drugs

The Child Psychiatrist That Doesn't Use Drugs Dr Rima Laibow

One great day this will not be a rare article worth of noting

Confessions of a Drug Director

Executive of major SSRI drug company that bribed the first SSRI into Europe SPEAKS OUT: confessions.
Dr John Virapen

NOFX release hard hitting song

Punk band NOFX have just released a clever, no punches pulled catchy song critical of psychiatry. Covering the deceitful, harmful abuse caused by doctors and psychiatrists that traps an unbelievable amount of victims into sexual slavery and grave human rights abuses.

Check out the song here
An area most in the public eye will not go down despite all the deaths among the celebrity community that have been caused by prescription "medications" (or occurred whilst on psychiatric medications that are known to induce suicidal and homicidal behaviors). Prince, Heath ledger, Micheal Jackson, Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, Joan Rivers, Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley are among just some of the legal drug dealer assisted deaths.

Nobody goes to jail, apologizes or even changes the way they practice! Prescriptions just rise alongside the "mental health" profits and successful sterilizations.

How PSSD Is Covered Up When Reported By Patients

There is supposed to be a yellow card report system for adverse effects. Psychiatrists don't use it. Like me, records like dates, doses and names of drugs are often withheld from by psychiatrists making it difficult or impossible for compromised and traumatized mental patients to complete one. Or mainly, even find out about hearing about one. Because the 'caring' psychiatrists that harm you do not fill out side effect reports. Nor tell you about them. Besides from the corrupt organization being run by the pharmaceutical companies. You are better off filling them out at a website called RXISK.

It would seem unlikely for someone as well as pointless, if not already disengaged from the chemical castration service or on drugs and not seemingly qualified for the post bit, for someone to fill one out even if they knew about the existence of a yellow card reporting form. Where does that form go? to the chemical castrators?

That is if they still persisted after being brave to ment…

What it's like to be kidnapped by the mental health acts

This is the typical farcicle "you are unwell" fascism that many citizens find themselves in.

David Compan NHS Electrician Protecting his A&E from closing
Part 1Part 2
In prison and locked away on drugs. 
Jean Mental Health Awareness Or Drug Slavery

My padded cell 9 years old (2001)
collingham gardens

Conversation with mental health professional about conditions on mental health wards
Who Does This? Psychopaths (Psychiatrists) personally detached individuals who don't know how to care and are trying to enforce their own misunderstood, unlearned need for security in the absence of attachment, parenting and love in their own childhoods. Given Powers by the state to apply false medical (The Council For Evidence Based Psychiatry) fascism by means of opinions on the legitimacy of variations of human behavior. Primarily targeting individuals for drug candidacy, opportunistically and predatory.
After being kidnapped to the mental tower very soon you have a fairly seriously lookin…

The British Institute Of Human Rights Stance

The British Institute Of Human Rights

Claim on the mission statement of their website:

"At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to making sure the international promise of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, developed after the horrors of World War II, is made real here at home."

The British Institute Of Human Rights Stance ...

Living with the distress of permanent medication damage

Every day I wake up in swollen pain, blurry eyes and numb genitals. It always reminds me of the time my UK government tried to kill me when I had to go through a surprise withdrawal of my medications that were supposed to help me. If I hadn't of deserved it my mum and dad would have been told they were addictive drugs when I was 9 years old. If There was anywhere that was safe the doctors would have told us these were addictive drugs when I was 9 years old.

Doctors often start out because they want to help people. That they can ease suffering and help a large underclass of poor people. In 1930's wartime Germany a chemical called Thalidomide was made for the Nazis. In the 1950's and 1960's western doctors had something to help pregnant mothers with. Causing more casualties, deaths and from-birth disabilities than Chernobyl, the nuclear disaster.

Of the Families directly affected, many are still alive despite how long ago it was and are still trying to fight just for fin…
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