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What it's like to be kidnapped by the mental health acts

This is the typical farcicle "you are unwell" fascism that many citizens find themselves in.

David Compan NHS Electrician Protecting his A&E from closing
Part 1Part 2
In prison and locked away on drugs. 
Jean Mental Health Awareness Or Drug Slavery

My padded cell 9 years old (2001)
collingham gardens

Conversation with mental health professional about conditions on mental health wards
Who Does This? Psychopaths (Psychiatrists) personally detached individuals who don't know how to care and are trying to enforce their own misunderstood, unlearned need for security in the absence of attachment, parenting and love in their own childhoods. Given Powers by the state to apply false medical (The Council For Evidence Based Psychiatry) fascism by means of opinions on the legitimacy of variations of human behavior. Primarily targeting individuals for drug candidacy, opportunistically and predatory.
After being kidnapped to the mental tower very soon you have a fairly seriously lookin…

The British Institute Of Human Rights Stance

The British Institute Of Human Rights

Claim on the mission statement of their website:

"At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to making sure the international promise of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, developed after the horrors of World War II, is made real here at home."

The British Institute Of Human Rights Stance ...

Living with the distress of permanent medication damage

Every day I wake up in swollen pain, blurry eyes and numb genitals. It always reminds me of the time my UK government tried to kill me when I had to go through a surprise withdrawal of my medications that were supposed to help me. If I hadn't of deserved it my mum and dad would have been told they were addictive drugs when I was 9 years old. If There was anywhere that was safe the doctors would have told us these were addictive drugs when I was 9 years old.

Doctors often start out because they want to help people. That they can ease suffering and help a large underclass of poor people. In 1930's wartime Germany a chemical called Thalidomide was made for the Nazis. In the 1950's and 1960's western doctors had something to help pregnant mothers with. Causing more casualties, deaths and from-birth disabilities than Chernobyl, the nuclear disaster.

Of the Families directly affected, many are still alive despite how long ago it was and are still trying to fight just for fin…
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