Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Monday, 12 September 2016

NOFX release hard hitting song

Punk band NOFX have just released a clever, no punches pulled catchy song critical of psychiatry. Covering the deceitful, harmful abuse caused by doctors and psychiatrists that traps an unbelievable amount of victims into sexual slavery and grave human rights abuses.

An area most in the public eye will not go down despite all the deaths among the celebrity community that have been caused by prescription "medications" (or occurred whilst on psychiatric medications that are known to induce suicidal and homicidal behaviors). Prince, Heath ledger, Micheal Jackson, Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, Joan Rivers, Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley are among just some of the legal drug dealer assisted deaths.

Nobody goes to jail, apologizes or even changes the way they practice! Prescriptions just rise alongside the "mental health" profits and successful sterilizations.

How PSSD Is Covered Up When Reported By Patients

There is supposed to be a yellow card report system for adverse effects. Psychiatrists don't use it. Like me, records like dates, doses and names of drugs are often withheld from by psychiatrists making it difficult or impossible for mentally compromised and traumatized mental patients like myself to complete one.

It would seem unlikely for someone as well as pointless, if not already disengaged from the chemical castration service or on drugs and not seemingly qualified for the post bit, for someone to fill one out even if they knew about the existence of a yellow card reporting form. Where does that form go? to the chemical castrators?

That is if they still persisted after being brave to mention or bring this humiliation up with likely females (or males) in the room with their now apparent genocidal chemical castrators after encountering the usual resistance, denial, blame and mental ridicule. You are more likely to be completely discharged if you are off medication that long. I mean treatment resistant. The necessary dates, doses and names also withheld forever. There are no cures and you now know "doctors" do not know what they are doing.

Blame The Patient

It's all in your head
"Somatic Symptom Disorder"

My new mental disorder to cover this up and dissuade any doctors from sending me on referrals for any medical tests or expertise is a newly created mental disorder called somatisation disorder. They promote this ideology to doctors at expensive conference events like this leaflet I picked up at the tavistock.

Somatisation disorder from the British Medical Journals official website. The first listed risk factor is: "being female"... That's all you need to say on the lack of validity of these made up disorder that is designed to cover up the 'medication' damage and withdrawals.

This Vilification, discrimination and stigma or stigmatisation disorder syndrome probably indicates I am not the only one, As a Professor dies of lung cancer.
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