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Historic recording of anti-mental health legends in 'mental health'

At the precipice of extraordinary times of social apathy and drugging children. One of the longest working Harvard trained psychiatrists Dr. Peter Breggin recorded an historic podcast with Jeanne Stolzer on his personal long standing podcast series.

Peter Breggin is an anti-psychiatry psychiatrist. Having worked in the industry, still, he sees as the same evil barbaric practice as when he started working in it in the 1950's. He recognizes it is 'psychiatry' itself that is evil.

He is about to promote a book series he contributed into with many other legendary highly qualified anti-psychiatrist psychiatrists. All of whom have collected a vast record of this shameful era that hopefully mankind will avert.

The book is called ‘The Sedated Society’.

Other historic books by diligent anti mental health experts would be:
Side Effects: Death. Confessions of a Pharma-Insider by John Virapen.  Rethinking Psychiatric Drugs: A Guide for Informed Consent by Grace Jackson

Perhaps the articl…

PSSD The Sexual Tardive Dyskenia

Smart youtuber goes over theory with the ex-head of British Pharmacology Dr. David Healy
Trained Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist Dr. David Healy now runs a side effect reporting charity called RXISK. He also works at Cardiff University. RXISK and Dr. David Healy has been one of the leading lights taking the fight on PSSD to the censoring drug companies and 'health system'. As well as the other harms from 'mental health' (and other) drugs.
Tardive Dyskenia is also permanent brain and nerve damage that occurs in 'antipsychotics', 'antidepressants' and other drugs. That is characterized by uncontrollable body movements. The mental health injectors tried to pretend that Tardive Dyskenia never existed for many decades of 'treating' the vulnerable. They merely passed the blame of it on to the patients for being 'mentally ill'. 
PSSD is characterized by numb anesthetized genitals, absent arousal response and numbing of emotions and emotio…

PSSD Desensitization theory video made by neuroscientist


TMS electrical brain stimulation - handheld social control device

'have you taken your electrical brain stimulation today?'
The new supposed 'wonder' device, that looks like an MP3 player currently. Could be used to quickly avert opposition. Got legitimate concerns at work? Desire to improve your life? Don't like being molested? TMS will pacify you instantly. TMS will sort you out instantly. Slaves don't complain. Slaves can't complain. Slaves are happy slaves.

It fits in your pocket today, does it fit inside your skull tomorrow? Pacemakers fit inside peoples bodies, keeping peoples hearts ticking along. The FDA are selling us this new wonder device. Supposedly yet again with 'amazing safety'. You mean like all the times before? All the fake trials. All the barbaric practices psychiatry has ever done? All the cruelty in the world described as 'treatment'. Coercion is the prime tool of this fake science.

If it does something it says today, what will it do tomorrow? Mental health is social control. It's j…

Antidepressant withdrawal causes 'Bipolar disorder' - British National Formulary

The British National Formulary informs us. A typical uncovered 'hidden diagnosis' that is suggested by trained psychiatrists when affirming the 'previous diagnosis' was wrong. This evolution imperatives that 'antipsychotics' must also be added (outcome: sale).

There is a subtle suggestion that psychiatrists must be.


Withdrawal symptoms include influenza-like symptoms (chills, myalgia, sweating, headache, nausea), insomnia, vivid dreams, and may occasionally include movement disorders and mania. If possible tricyclic and related antidepressants should be withdrawn slowly (see also section 4.3)."

The British National Formulary is seen as the medical authority on medical drugs and interactions. Every doctors practice has one of these huge books.

Drug & foster home survivor describes mental health drugs as the same thing

A child survivor surrounded by drugs of many kinds speaks of his heart-wrenching journey of survival through many group homes and the 'mental health' drugs that forced him out onto the streets. 
"They drugged me with prescription drugs. That's how I know the pills is made out of the same stuff as crack and speed."
To search for a better life. He found out that the street drugs were the same. He is not the only one. ABC News have also done a show on children on 'mental health' drugs in foster care.

The 'Well-Respected' Psychiatrist that made a killing farming these children as guinea pigs on drugs was subsequently arrested for possession of cocaine. It should be made well aware that this is not an isolated issue in foster care systems (Or the general public).


The British National Formulary
The supposed medical authority on all things 'drugs', your doctors practice has one. says on 'antidepressants' withdrawal.


mental health eugenics targeting of 'minorities'

Psychiatrists prove it's a fake science eugenics based life stealing industry again.
‘When I became a consultant […] I saw black people being sectioned, given schizophrenic diagnoses, not being given the more respectable diagnoses but the more derogatory ones, those that carry punishment instead of therapy.’ -    From 'Ethnic Inequality in Mental Health'' 'Full Report''

Talking spirituality is deemed 'mental illness'unless of course its a mainstream religious cult.

". You have to talk mental health, you can’t talk spirituality, not very much anyway or you get sectioned.’"

All they are ever doing with their questionnaires/reports seeing as they believe in mental health hygiene is making the eugenics results even higher because the penultimate answer of such a belief is 'more mental health awareness'. The more they talk of eugenics based BAME, the worse they make the problem.

Nonetheless there will be no end of do-good pill pushers wh…

Vaccines cause 'mental health problems' and drug companies profit

Vaccines are causing emotionally sensitive children. Mental illness and autism is a made up cover for vaccine injuries. There is no such thing as mental health, or autism. Mental Health and Autism does not exist. And I am about to prove it below.

Obviously, emotionally sensitive children from vaccines are also likely to resemble something that looks like 'mental illness' when they have to deal with added stress.

OCD proof link at 7 minutes 30 seconds in  - "We were told 'we signed for that shot.'" "Severe OCD"
Tourrettes Syndrome proof link 1

Tourrettes Syndrome proof two - at 2 mins and 40 seconds in

Other contributory factors to vaccine assault and chemical assault might be the Nutrition-less assault.

Pesticides cause brain development damage.
Vaccine injuries cause sensitive people to be drugged for 'mental health'. OCD and Tourettes Syndrome are supposedly often co-linked with autism, but psychiatrists like to also separate their 'treatm…
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