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An Interview with a Neuroscientist with PSSD

An interview with a Neuroscientist with PSSD. Permanent Sexual dysfunction from antidepressants.
Lab Rats Were Given PSSD, Rats Are Unbiased, Not Depression!
 the anti mental health podcast *the views of the guests on the show may not necessarily be the same views as the host*
The PSSD Forum
PSSD Articles
-buried alive
-Imgur PSSD article
'Mental Health Charities' Censor PSSD

--Medication Generation --  The New Movie
'Lets Talk Withdrawal' - The Popular New Antidepressant Drug Withdrawal Podcast Series

Everyday PsychVicti…

Food Nutrition Keeps Your Mind Calm. Not Drugs!

Food nutrition that keeps your mind calm. Don't touch drugs! Add medium amount of Long grain carbs. (and healthy amounts of meats).


#antimentalhealth #antipsychiatry #antisocialandmentalhygeinemovement#youcandoit #youarestrong #youareright #yoursoulknowsbest

I used Water, a Pot, Knife and Board;
local tesco express: Brown Onions, Leeks, Garlic, Asparagus, Courgettes, Tomatoes On the Vine, Org. Carrots, Kale, Green Beans, Org. Spinach, Spring Onions, Green Beans, Fresh Podded Peas From Poor Bankrupt Guatemala and Parsnips.
Beware of any processed sugar during withdrawal. Beware of processed sugars and other processed's.

Good Luck!

PS: It looks horrible but it actually tastes good due to the garlic and spring onion juices!

Mental Health Charities Censor PSSD

I have long been censored and banned from many forums like for talking to much about Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction, a supposed safe-haven for those afflicted by 'mental health'. Where there is a whole free larger than can fit on a page dedicated free open-advertising of every psychiatric drug name under the sun. It should make you sick, very sick. Because something is wrong. And it ain't you.

depressionforums  'looking for answers'
'Mental Health on the Mighty' have banned PSSD talk to multiple people, excluding the very ability to continue writing on their 'mental health charity' participation public page. Like others, They advertise to the public. In fact, they have even created 'mental health charity' whistle-blowers from loyal servant's that actually decided to quit for moral reasons from a job they loved. A former employee explains in an article she wrote for "Why I Resigned From The Mighty&…

New Antidepressant Drug Withdrawal Podcast

Kicks Off with a bang, 'Let's Talk Withdrawal', a new antidepressant withdrawal podcast, made alongside a petition to force drug companies into supporting patients with tapering from their addictive 'drug' trap. Although launched just recently, the author made an extra thank you episode after 1,000 downloads were made in just the first week.

The Episodes are released weekly. A popular facebook group has also been started. The show consists of both world 'experts' and unfortunate patients of 'the lived experience'. This really is a fantastic podcast, and is making head-waves. Go check it out!

PSSD Article comes out in Daily Mail

An unprecedented PSSD Article has burst through into a mainstream national newspaper in the UK. The Daily Mail are the first to break the story, out of the heavyweight financial clouts of British newspapers.

With the statistics published from the almost invisible UK adverse reporting agency in there:

"They responded, saying there had been 1,420 reported cases of sexual dysfunction, with 290 persisting after the drug was stopped."

The fact this article reveals of reported sexual dysfunction from antidepressants (which is a high effected) more than 20% don't get return to their body.

290 persisting cases out of 1,420 is actually quite a high number reported.

Other articles of note appeared in the USA's edition of Men's Health Magazine, "The Pill That Kills Your Sex Drive", an in depth article on PSSD featuring a young woman who suffers with PSSD.

A multi-faceted New Scientist article featuring the harms 'antidepressants' are causing was published…

Joe Rogan Reveals PSSD In Many Friends

The Legendary UFC Commentator, martial artist and now a legendary top Itunes podcaster Joe Rogan reveals many friends he knew developed Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction, permanent sexual death, after being given 'antidepressants' by a licensed medical doctor.

at 1:02:50s

Your Local Anti-Psychiatry Group - Find a Group Near You

UK - London
Speak Out Against Psychiatry   - Protests/Public education events [yes] footage
USA Southern California Against Forced Treatment - Protests/Public education events [yes]
Eugene, Oregon base -
Mind Freedom International - Protests/Public education events [yes] - facebook

Occupy Psychiatry - Protests/Public education events [yes] footage
New York  - Annual Protest 14th-17th July Mental Patients Liberation Alliance - Protests/Public education events [yes] footage

Melbourne - Protest every Saturday @ front of Victorian State Library at 1pm
Initially NO  - Protests/Public education events [yes]

Political Action - Glenn Floyd and Teresa van Lieshout - Protests/Public education events [no]


Toronto base
The Worlds First First Anti-Psychiatry Scholarship!
"The Dr. Bonnie Burstow Scholarship in Antipsychiatry

May 13th World-wide protests against Forced Electrocution

International Collaboration Coordinated actions
CHRUSP Absolute Prohibition of Fo…

PSSD interview on The Everyday PsychVictims Podcast

Episode 5 of The Everyday PsychVictims Podcast is here!

The anti mental health podcast.

This week we have an interview with Naveen aged 20, who at just 19 years old was given PERMANENT sexual dysfunction from antidepressants. Like the host of the show. This is referred to by sufferers around the world as Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD). The sexual dysfunction caused by so called 'antidepressants' sometimes does not go away when you stop them.

No doctor or psychologist ever reported an adverse effect to any 'regulatory agency'...

An unknown amount of people have taken their lives as a result. Like 28 year old Kevin Goodreau who left a public PSSD suicide note.

The English Wikipedia Page was removed with 58 medical references.

A large-scale Spanish study of 1 thousand and 22 people found sexual dysfunction was being caused by antidepressants at a 59% rate (a little higher than that caused by TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)).

SSRI's have been used on pedophiles for …

14th-17th July New York Human Rights Event Breaking The Silence Of Psychiatric Oppression 2017

37th Mental Patients Liberation Alliance

Annual Human Rights Event 2017 14th July noon - 17th July Join us at our peaceful protest vigil

New York Albany The State Of Office Mental Health Building44 Holland Ave Albany NY 12229

From noon mid day 14th July - 17th July 2017 Breaking the silence of psychiatric oppression

Bring your cameras, Stream It, Film It, Capture The Day
Information at +1-800-654-7227  
Please download the flyer and share
Check out some footage from a previous years event

Female Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Video Published by Mayo Clinic

Although there are some factual misconceptions about the effectiveness of a 'real' antidepressant. The missed out experience of PSSD communities experiences that re-instation of the cause of damage, 'antidepressants' can in some cases merely temporarily partially ease the symptomatic brain damage caused by said drugs IN SOME CASES... It is like re-instating heroin to somebody during withdrawal, so for men that would be like re-instation may bring half a limp dick back to a complete limp dick for a temporary period you are re-flooding the brain with the drug. That is sexual dysfunction CAUSED by the drug 'antidepressants'. One that did not pre-exist. And certainly well documented NOT caused by 'depression'. And certainly not fixed by 'more antidepressants'.

But one half step away from denial by anyone is a welcome study...

Everyday PsychVictims Podcast Launched

A new podcast series has been launched to tell the secret voices of 'mental health' oppression and harm (that destroys real lives). On behalf and in collaboration with The EveryDay PsychVictims Project on Facebook and at we have already started with 4 episodes. It is a work in progress, and we learn as we go along. But we didn't get, and we don't need to ask for 'help' from a silencer mafia media, owned by drug interests. So we will share our stories with the world ourselves!

If you are interested in sharing your story too, breaking the silence of psychiatric oppression please leave a message on the facebook page or here.

This is the anti mental health podcast.

Here is an episode with George, survivor of 15 times of electro-shock treatment under the scam of 'mental health'

George has survived electroshock from psychiatrists 15 times.

'mental health' ordered 1,627 non-consenting electro-shock 'treatment's in the UK in 201…

Stop Phase 3: UK rolls out mental health re-education camps while US makes a sale on university kids at 'safe spaces'

The Potential of the (mobile) Mental Health Re-education Camps

The Mental Health Police
"flagged up your mental health profile because he was worried about you"

An illustration of the mental health warfare that has already begun. With 70 million people in the UK on 'mental health' drugs, many advocates for human rights opposing the dehumanization of mental health are expecting something of a cutback abolition of the 'mental health empire', not an expansion.

Lessons from the past taught us that with every promise of a new treatment or 'medication' accompanies the deceptive fraud of tales of 'less side effects'. And at such times reports of criticisms of the 'old' treatments and drugs are allowed to surface 'to the light'. As has been possibly happening lately.

TMS, Electrical Brain Stimulation, being one of those idyllic tools of social control (and brain manipulation being touted).

But we face the beginning of a subtle totalita…
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