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Daily Mail Campaign

The Daily Mail have launched a Prescribed Drug Dependency Campaign.

Although I could not find it on their homepage. Their are images bearing

, and they are behind the call by every organization including the "royal college of psychiatrists" for a 24 hour helpline...

The shadow governments are more interested in increasing mental health induced prescribed drug dependency with the applaud from the same organizations that are also backing the action against it. The report they backed, inherently states mental health 'medications', including the 'antidepressants'.

May's revolution on mental health: PM pledges end to 'burning injustice' of care crisis with 10,000 new staff and help in schools
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Double speak from all around. Follow the council for evidence based psychia…

PSSD Article in the Guardian

The Guardian has made a PSSD article    (like the Daily Mail did)

The Medical Journalist Whistleblower Jon Rappoport ( talks with Howard Hughes (ex-BBC) in this podcast interview on how the mainstream media put the relevant news down the page...

The Unexplained Podcast Interview With Jon Rappoport

Per Week Of Exposure Brain Damage
"More alarmingly, they found that the taper phase, when patients were being taken off the drugs, was the riskiest of all, showing a “higher proportion of severe adverse events per week of exposure”. This, they said, opens up the risk of a “prescribing cascade”, whereby drug side-effects are thought to be symptoms"
The PSSD Victims    (Including the sexual mutilation of children)
"Many SSRI users report blunted emotions, even long after they have ceased taking pills, and an impact on sexual function. “They should be called anti-sex drugs rather than antidepressant drugs,” says Jon Jureidini, a child psychiatrist of 30 years’ sta…
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