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PSSD chemically castrating another 'mental patient' interview

Ali from Denmark was castrated for life at the tender age of 21 with 'psychiatric' castrating drugs known as 'antipsychotics' and 'antidepressants', when he was imprisoned by the standard pseudo-scientific mock trials of the fascist 'mental health' industrial-complex. At the behest of his family and his government.

He managed to free himself, but has found out the eugenic drugs of the state carry permanent harms. Ali hopes to return to university maybe.

(PSSD) Woke Up With Numb Genitals From Forced Hospitalization

(PSSD) Woke Up With Numb Genitals From Forced Hospitalization A new PSSD Interview

Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. Christian was unsuspectingly given PSSD from forced treatment and imprisonment at 'the mental hospital' from 'antipsychotics'. A regular occurring not spoken about, human rights abuse.

At 22 years old, this has ruined his life. He has no legal rights.

Amnesty International 'Don't do mental health'.

(click 'cc' for subtitles)

**The interviewees identity has been scrambled, for obvious reasons. Pertaining to human rights abuses.


PSSD is a term coined from the Mental Hygiene drugs called 'antidepressants' where the subject gains a very specific hormonal brain damage waking up with horrifying numbing of their genitals, forever. The government has effectively ended their right to erections through their state 'antidepressant' national policies. Although the other Mental Hygiene drugs marketed as 'antipsychot…

Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction Victims Speak Out

Has to inject himself in the genitals with a needle just to have an erection The PSSD victim says the leaflets should have to state that antidepressants could cause permanent sexual dysfunction.
"Hidden Faces of PSSD" youngster thinks the government should not be giving castrating agents to children. And it also costs the taxpayer a lot of money to do so. He thinks it must be more common than people speak about.
"Psychiatrist explains why I have PSSD" PSSD victim in New Zealand records the castrating psychiatrist easefully brushing off his drugs culpability and harm. Making enumerable fantasizal excuses, with ease.
22 Year old loses university life and has his life ruined from forced 'mental hospital' treatment...  Chemical Castration from 'antipsychotics'. Click 'CC' for subtitles!
A 19 Year old loses his life and university from his doctor casually gifting him PSSD
A teenage neuroscientist contracts PSSD from the doctors 'antidepressa…
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