a PSSD interview with Shaun from England

*PSSD (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction) is irreversible sexual disfigurement caused by psychiatric drugs. Genital numbness and loss of arousal; or sexual dysfunction.

The same drugs are used to chemically castrate sex offenders. But they are also given to children... by 'mental health'...

This is a PSSD interview with Shaun, now 32 from Manchester, England.

He was 22.

This is a transcripted interview.

Daryl: In your own words what is PSSD?

Shaun: PSSD is long lasting sexual problems caused by SSRI's, that continue long after you have stopped taking the SSRI.

Daryl: How did you come into contact with the doctor that prescribed the spoken psychiatric drug poisons?

Shaun: I was referred to the psychiatrist by a GP.

Daryl: How old were you?

Shaun: I was 22.

Daryl: Did the doctor prescribing this controlled drug explain to you the high likelihood of it causing Sexual Dysfunction?

Shaun: No he didn't

Daryl: Did the doctor tell you they use the same drug to chemically castrate sex offenders?

Shaun: No he didn't

Daryl: Did this doctor inform you that the Sexual Dysfunction alteration to your body may be permanent?

Shaun: No he didn't

Daryl: Did the leaflet small print mention irreversible sexual dysfunction?

Shaun: No it didn't

Daryl: When did you notice your genitals start to go numb?

Shaun: Within a day of taking citalopram

Daryl: How scary was this experience?

Shaun: Not too bad at first, because I thought it would reverse. Very scary once I had been off the drug a while and it still wasn't reversing.

Daryl: At what point did you understand that your sexual function is not coming back?

Shaun: After about a year off the drug I started to think this might be permanent.

Daryl: What did your doctors say about this?

Shaun: They told me any sexual problems I was having couldn't be to do with the drug.

Daryl: Did any psychologist, counsellor, mental health worker or doctor or psychiatrist ever report this severe life altering adverse effect to any adverse effect report agency?

Shaun: No they didn't

Daryl: How long were you on them for?

Shaun: About 3 and a half weeks.

Daryl: How did this affect your life at the time?

Shaun: It stopped me being able to experience sexual pleasure in any way shape or form.

Daryl: How has this affected your life?

Shaun: It has hugely affected my life. It has left me feeling very depressed and angry for nearly 10 years now. I haven't been able to have a normal sexual relationship with a woman, and it has caused me to break up with girlfriends. It has led to self harm, and a suicide attempt. It has easily been the worst experience of my life.

Daryl: Did you experience a drug withdrawal from the 'mental health' drug?

Shaun: I had a serious long lasting withdrawal from benzodiazepines that went on for many years. The withdrawal from SSRI was shorter and milder, apart from the PSSD aspect.

Daryl: Have you received any compensation for being chemically castrated?

Shaun: No.

Daryl: What kind of alteration to your life has this brought to you? If you had to put a number from 0 to 10, 10 being the most something can.

Shaun: Definitely a 10. I have come close to ending my life because of how distressing it is. I would describe PSSD as a type of mental torture.

Daryl: I would describe the effect since (PSSD) as like it feels like a dead piece of meat now hanging down between my legs instead of a (living breathing) sexual organ like it did before. Does it feel the same way for you?

Shaun: It feels the same way for me. That is a good way of describing it. I have even had thoughts of cutting my penis off at times, as it feels so numb and dead.

Daryl: Do you think this psychopathically cruelty drug dealing is more cruel or helpful?

Shaun: It is very cruel. As I have already stated, I would akin PSSD to mental torture.

Daryl: Is there something that you really think people should know?

Shaun: Yes people should be thoroughly warned of the dangers of these drugs, and to the possibility that sometimes side effects from these drugs might end up being permanent.

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