Take Action Now

Make an unnoficial report form fast online by reporting your meds to rxisk.org

Follow the advice from MIND that admits (unlike the NHS cover up) the indefinate sexual damages and make your doctors and "mental health team" fill out the official yellow card reporting form!
  Print it

Get a shirt and be a walking counter-marketing fightback warrior
"Stop drugging the children" "speak out against psychiatry" Shirt Here:
And one for the kids, protecting the kids Here:


THE BEST way to combat this is to hit them and hit them hard, where it hurts. Their fraudulent business pockets. If doctors won't inform their patients of the "side effects" including permanent damages in our clinics then we must do so.

Print these flyers and place them in the reading piles or leaflet holders at all your outpatient and g.p clinics and anywhere else people can be harmed.

This will force their hand to do some informed consenting themselves.

Record abuse. Write exposure and join the speak out against psychiatry protests.


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