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Talking on Church Of Reality radio station with others that have been sterilized for being 'mentally ill' by both chemicals and operations.

Check out some of the other shows on Church of Reality radio at

Being interviewed on 'Let's Talk Withdrawal', a new antidepressant drug withdrawal podcast series.

TV: Appearing on Windows on the World independent media with Speak out against Psychiatry. Please support the independent media and follow Windows on the World.

The Everyday PsychVictims Podcast  

Episode 1  - the anti mental health podcast - what is the everyday psychvictims project?
Episode 2  - only true psycopaths could mass drug deal without a conscience
Episode 3  - chemical castrating psychiatrists
Episode 4  - with electro-shock survivor George  36min
Episode 5 -  with 20 year old PSSD survivor Naveen   21min
Episode 6 -  21 year old Neuroscientist with PSSD      43min

MP3 versions

In collaboration with The Everyday PsychVictims Project facebook page 

  A Song from my YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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