Yes Mental Health Is A Scam - Article on

The War Crime Known As Psychiatry - My Poem about PSSD (including PGAD on withdrawal)

Radio Appearances

Talking about being permanently chemically castrated by the mental health industry and the marathon I am doing to support the Rxisk prize on Church Of Reality radio station.

Talking on Church Of Reality radio station with others that have been sterilized for being 'mentally ill' by both chemicals and operations.
An Interview about PSSD awareness on Juliemadblogger radio show. She is a long time antipsychiatry blogger and activist at who also wrote for Mad in America in the past.

Being interviewed on 'Let's Talk Withdrawal', a new antidepressant drug withdrawal podcast series.

- Podomatic mp3 / Itunes


Appearing on Windows on the World independent media with Speak out against Psychiatry. Please support the independent media and follow Windows on the World.

The Everyday PsychVictims Podcast  

Episode 1  - the anti mental health podcast - what is the everyday psychvictims project?
Episode 2  - only true psycopaths could mass drug deal without a conscience
Episode 3  - chemical castrating psychiatrists
Episode 4  - with electro-shock survivor George  33min
Episode 5 -  with 20 year old PSSD survivor Naveen   21min
Episode 6 -  21 year old Neuroscientist with PSSD      43min
Episode 7 - EPVP activist Elisabeth, neurologist scanned brain damage from the drugs
Episode 8 - kidnapped by mental health electro-shocked 'treatment' brainwashed lives on
Episode 9 - (PSSD) Woke Up With Numb Genitals From Forced Hospitalization. (subtitles)
Episode 10 - PSSD chemically castrating another 'mental patient' interview with Ali Denmark
Episode 11 - Mental Health - Injected with Castration (PSSD) interview with Leon
Episode 12 - (this one is me being interviewed) Sterilized when Young in UK by Psych Drugs
A PSSD interview with James aged just 17 at the time
Episode 13 - Elaine Riddick Surgical Sterilization Survivor Of The North Carolina Eugenics Program
Episode 14 - Thea's Personal Account of Chemical Lobotomy
Episode 15 - The Very First Ever Livestream Guest Panel

MP3 versions

In collaboration with The Everyday PsychVictims Project facebook page 

  A Song from my YOUTUBE CHANNEL


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