What DO the Tavistock do?

The Tavistock work with the state health services to spread new made up mental diseases so they can be treated with social control eugenics drugs instead of treating people for physical health problems. Like a cover for the psychiatric drug induced injuries.

Somatization disorder

It's all in your head
National Summit
A Leaflet I picked up while at the Tavistock
They have changed the web version to something less eugenics looking. The words used to drug children on this leaflet are “from a medication rehabilitation perspective”. This National Summit ran jointly by the National Health Service and The Tavistock in England prices out it's intended targets at £600 a head.

Just like John Rees stated in 1940 to the mental hygiene council at the Tavistock to persuade state adoption of their National programmes by stressing talk of “cost efficiency's”.

John Rees and the Tavistock was funded by the rockefeller foundation according to Wikipedia.

Are The Tavistock and Maudsley really different?

The Chief executive of the Tavistock just became the chief executive of the Maudsley (bedlam).

The Tavistock supposedly advertise talking therapies in the form of psychoanalyses. The studies (evidence) show no correlation of more psychoanalyses talking therapies with lower drug prescription rates.

They both market “mental health“.

So who funded the last eugenics program?

The same generous foundation that funded the Tavistock publicly launched a huge campaign with investors and other rich “philanthropists” in the newspapers to persuade the public to permit the steralization of 15 million American defectives. Please DO take a look at that newspaper campaign here.

Why is manipulating language useful in psychiatry for the eugenics program?

The legal term for dangerous mythological antidepressants as being acceptable for treatment is the word “appropriate” in law! however the national health service in the united kingdom have lately come up with a beautiful barrier of bullshit word “best evidence-based practice” on top of that which is to be used across the state service. Despite no clear definitions for this eugenics arse covering extra legal condom to be found anywhere inside or outside the state health “service”.

Mental Health instead of Mental Hygiene, Medications instead of Drugs. Side effects instead of harm or adverse effects, selective use of “mental illness” and “mental health” one requiring that the illness be treated indefinitely with drugs the other implying you seek initiation for drug sales.

On this leaflet
in particular the first speaker at
10am - "It's all in your head" "changing the way we talk about medically unexplained symptoms"
13:45pm - "from both a child and adolescent psychiatry perspective and from a medication rehabilitation perspective"

"The NHS in England is estimated to spend at least £3 billion each year attempting to diagnose and treat medically unexplained symptoms (Bermingham et al 2010)"

" The annual health care costs of medically unexplained symptoms in England were estimated to be £3 billion in 2008/9, with total societal costs of around £18 billion (Bermingham et al 2010).” The Kings Fund 2016"

Something else the Tavistock offer as a service: manufacturing consent (coercion) on children for drugs aged 3.


The Tavistock of mental health is an important weapon in the armory of its related Tavistock Institute that is also set to change social words, behaviors, policy and manufactured consent. Psychiatry is about having social control and influence more than anything else at the sacrifice of a free independent thinking public that the always historically controlling aristocrats set up the maudsley (bedlam asylum) hospital in the first place to begin with to remove people under the illusion of “help”ing society socially. What a beautiful tool of infiltration for social control. It's not a surprise they want to wipe out “creatives” and or “defectives”. It's not exactly a surprise of what they think of us. Older aristocrats had a harder time dealing with social persuasions and public opinions, the crown was always under the horrifying risks of uprisings from “defectives”.

The Nazi's, (and Eugenics programs) managed to steralize 460,000 defectives. In 2012 social controllers of psychiatry have steralized over 4 million of them just according to the biased manufacturing leaflets.


Could it just be an historically unmatched unintentional genocide program?

No because doctors have a responsibility to read the leaflets and a duty of informed consent. The human duty of care to do 2 simple sums... the rate of prescriptions to the rates of induced sexual dysfunctions, Compared to historical genocide numbers.

Still think of mental health the same way?



The Tavistock Social Control and Mental Health with Col. John Rees


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