a PSSD interview with James who was aged 17 from New York, USA.
a PSSD interview with Dan, aged 22, who was 17 from Birmingham, England. 
a PSSD interview with Anna 22 from Zagreb, Croatia.
a PSSD interview with Shaun, 32 from Manchester, England.
an interview with Christian aged 22, given PSSD from Antipsychotics from forced hospitalization.
with Johnny, 22 years old from New York in the USA. (Johnny has died 1 year after this interview).
a PSSD interview with Rohan, 22 from India.
Ante, 24 from Croatia's story of Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction by Antipsychotics from the mental hospital.


An interview with Robert, given PSSD at 15 years old (youtube / audio)
An interview with University student Naveen, 19, given PSSD.   (youtube / audio)
An interview with a young neuroscientist given PSSD - Unbiased lab rats given PSSD. (youtube / audio)
An interview with Leon given PSSD from antipsychotics from a forced hospitalisation. Mental Health 'Injected with Castration'. (youtube / audio)
An interview with university student Ali from Denmark who was also given PSSD from forced hospitalisation. (youtube / audio)
An Interview with Ante, inflicted with PSSD from Antipsychotics (youtube / audio)

Please help to distribute the awareness by sharing these interviews. And printing them and placing them in centers where people may be harmed or otherwise distribute them.

Tackling PSSD myths such as the idea that depression is causing PSSD, tackled by the fact that unbiased lab rats are given PSSD. -  PSSDLAB


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